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The head of SpaceX blamed competitors in the embezzlement of taxpayers money

The owner of the company SpaceX Elon Musk has blamed its rival United Launch Alliance is that their missiles cannot be reused and is a waste of taxpayers ' money.

"Because their rockets are not reusable, will eventually become obvious that ULA - it's a complete waste of taxpayers' money," wrote Musk in his Twitter, commenting on an analytical article about getting companies SpaceX and ULA contracts for military launches

Rogozin has challenged Elon musk

The General Director of "Rosatom" Dmitry Rogozin urged not to exaggerate the role successful completion of the first manned test flight of the spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon, inviting my American colleagues to try to repeat the record of Russian ships at the speed of flight on the ISS.

According to him, the Crew Dragon from SpaceX and the future from Boeing Cockpit are more spacious and comfortable, but only analogues of the Russian "Soyuz MS".

NASA announced the crew of the Crew Dragon for 2021

NASA has identified the following manned missions Crew Dragon to the International space station (ISS), which will go into orbit in the spring of 2021, said the us space Agency on Tuesday.

In the crew of the second commercial flight of the ship in orbit will include two NASA astronauts Shane Kimbro (the captain) and Megan MacArthur, and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide and Frenchman Thomas Sands. It is planned that the crew will travel to the ISS in the spring of 2021, and will remain at the space station for about six months.

The French astronaut will become the first European aboard the Crew Dragon

French astronaut Thomas Sands next year will go into space on the spacecraft Crew Dragon.

"The end of uncertainty: next year I will fly to (the space ship) Crew Dragon (company) SpaceX. Exercise in his futuristic cockpit has already begun," wrote Sand in his Twitter.

Media: thousands of people at Twitter could become targets of attack by hackers

More than a thousand employees social network Twitter have level of service access, which could be of interest to hackers, reports Reuters, citing former employees of the company.

Previously, the company reported that hackers hacked a few accounts of American celebrities in the service of mikroblogov, entered in the internal system of the company using credentials of a "small number" of employees.

NASA called the timing of the first regular flight Crew Dragon to ISS

The first contract flight spacecraft Crew Dragon with four crew members on the International space station will be held before the end of September, NASA announced Wednesday.

"The launch is planned no earlier than the end of September and will be followed by the successful return from the space station, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley and analysis of NASA and SpaceX's second demonstration flight," said NASA on Wednesday.

SpaceX launched a communications satellite for armed forces of South Korea

The carrier rocket Falcon 9 launched military satellite ANASIS-II for South Korea, the company said SpaceX.

The rocket was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (FL) at 0030 GMT on Tuesday. Before the start of the company said that the launch of the first stage of the carrier rocket was used earlier to launch to the ISS in the first flight of a manned spacecraft Crew Dragon.

It became known as hackers broke into the Twitter

Hackers hacked a few accounts of American celebrity on the social network Twitter has been infiltrated in the internal system of the company using credentials of several employees, the Corporation said.

The company says that hackers managed to influence a small number of employees and "use their credentials for access to internal Twitter systems, including through two factor authentication". At the moment, the company reported that hackers have gained access to the "internal tools only available to internal help Desk" to get into the 130 accounts. For 45 of them hackers managed "to initiate the password change, login and send a few tweets".

The media learned who was behind the burglary Twitter

The recent attack on Twitter was a group of young people from the US and the UK, which communicated with each other in the messenger and the shell which was led by one nick Kirk, who claimed that working in the social network and has internal access to user accounts, the newspaper New York Times with reference to participating in the hacking of hackers and their publishing screenshots of the conversations in the messenger.

As reported by the NYT, they managed to contact with four members of hacking them among users under nicknames lol and ever so anxious. To contact the hackers edition helped the specialist in the field of security from California Haseeb Awan. Avan said that he maintained contact with the hackers, as they previously tried to crack it owned the company.

Twitter can be fined for hacking, according to media

The Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States will study violated Twitter 2010 agreement, the company can be fined a large amount by US regulators after hacking a series of accounts of famous persons, informs Agency Bloomberg.

Previously unknown broke into the accounts of several U.S. celebrities. Among the victims of the burglary were former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, billionaires bill gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, rapper Kanye West, Apple, Uber and others. The authors in the hacked accounts, promised to return sent to them within 30 minutes bitcoins in doubling the size.

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