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The head of the Union of the old believers urged people to explore space, and not to fight

God has blessed human to explore the cosmos, it can reconcile peoples and to stop the soldiers, told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of the world Union of the old believers, Leonid Sevastianov.

He drew attention to earlier on Thursday the start of the American research Rover Perseverance, the mission of which is to search for traces of life on Mars.

Astronomers have identified the source of a mysterious radio signal from space

Astronomers for the first time traced the relationship between magnetosome and fast radio bursts, nature, the origin of which is not reliably established. This is stated in the article on the website of the European space Agency (ESA).

The discovery was made by the space Observatory Integral, designed to explore objects in the hard x-ray and gamma range. At the end of April this year, the scanners Observatory observed the Magnetar SGR 1935 2154, discovered six years ago. Fixing the activity of the Magnetar, the researchers found that it radiated not only conventional x-rays but also radio waves.

Reveals the mystery of the dark side of the moon

Scientists explained why the reverse side of the moon differs from Earth with the visible part, according to the portal Eurekalert.

This became known in the mid-twentieth century, when the Soviet Union managed to get the first pictures of "dark side of the moon." Previously, astronomers believed that visible from our planet of the dark "spots" on the moon are traces of dried up seas and oceans ("Maria" — "the sea" in Latin). They also assumed that the same marks covered and the reverse side of the moon, but in the end, both assumptions were incorrect.

In New Zealand launched a rocket company Rocket Lab with the satellites

Booster Electron a private us company Rocket Lab with a group of satellites, the start of which was delayed because of the coronavirus, was successfully launched from the spaceport in New Zealand, the company said.

"Start there!" – said in a statement on Twitter.

Scientists estimated the consequences of solar flares

Fixed the Sun flare is unlikely to have a significant impact on the lives of earthlings, but it may be a harbinger of more powerful flares, told RBC senior researcher Pulkovo Observatory, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Georgy Goncharov.

Previously, the solar dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the largest October 2017, the flash in the Sun. It was a flash M-class, which astronomers klassificeret as the average of the big.

Crew Dragon docked to the ISS

American Crew ship Dragon company SpaceX with NASA astronauts on Board has docked with the International space station.

"Docking confirmed, it took place at 10:17 East coast time (17:11 MSK)" - said the broadcaster, adding that ISS at the time was over Northern China and Mongolia.

The Russian space Agency commented on the launch of Elon musk

The Russian space Agency don't understand the "hysteria" about the successful launch of a private spacecraft Crew Dragon. This was stated by the head of the press service of the state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko.

"Something happened that should happen long time ago. Now not only Russian, will fly to the ISS, but the Americans. Well and good!" — he wrote in Twitter.

In the RAS, commented on the launch of Elon musk

Leading researcher at Institute for nuclear research Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Dokuchaev in an interview with "Moscow speaking" called the launch Elon musk outstanding achievement.

According to Dokuchaev, space should be developed at private expense, to be willing to explore the space could invest their money.