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Qiwi selling Sovcombank draft card installment "the Conscience"

Qiwi payment service sells portfolio Sovcombank cards "Conscience" net cost of about 7.6 billion rubles, the loss from the transaction for the Qiwi will not exceed 1.5 billion rubles, said in a joint press release of the parties.

"The company Qiwi plc announced today the signing of an agreement to sell the project of consumer crediting "Conscience" of PJSC "Sovcombank". As part of the transaction, the company intends to assign Sovcombank law requirements for clients of the project "Conscience", the gross carrying value of approximately 9 billion rubles and a net worth of about 7.6 billion roubles and to receive monetary compensation according to the requirements in size from 6 to 6.5 billion rubles," - said in a release.

Russian banks began to lower mortgage rates

Russian banks on the background of the easing of the restrictive measures imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, have begun to reduce rates on mortgages, the survey of credit institutions RIA Novosti.

Alfa-Bank decreased by 0.4 percentage points rate for a mortgage loan to buy housing on the secondary market and for mortgage refinancing. "The easing of quarantine measures has led many Russians to think about how to properly manage your expenses. Mortgage refinancing will help to save on monthly payments: reduce the amount of the overpayment or to reduce the term of the loan," - said the head of mortgage crediting Department of the Bank Artem Ivanov.