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In Bangkok celebrated the Day of Russian Navy

Diplomats of the Russian Embassy in Thailand and the representatives of the Russian community celebrated the Day of the Navy of the Russian Federation laying a wreath in the form of a St. Andrew's flag on the grave of Russian sailors from the cruiser "Aurora" in Bangkok.

The ceremony took place on one of the oldest in the Bangkok Protestant cemetery, picturesquely situated on the banks of Chao Phraya river in the historic part of the city, where in 1911 were buried the remains of two Russian sailors.

In the Czech Republic in the zoo has a aquarium where the fish swim along with a plastic

Zoo in the Czech Brno was opened in the aquarium with exotic fishes from the tropical seas of Southeast Asia and Africa floating plastic trash, according to Europulse.

The zoo management believes the aquarium "realistic" and wants to use it to show how much people affect the lives of neighbors on the planet.

Who voiced the four scenarios of the pandemic coronavirus

Reaction of various States to the pandemic coronavirus can be described in four scenarios, said the head of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus at the briefing.

The first group include the countries of South-East Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa, "which was warned and aware" about the outbreak. According to the head of the who, the leaders of these countries "took control of the situation into their own hands", which allowed to establish effective communication with the population regarding the necessary action.

Tube terminals, naive Europeans, and the insidious Chinese

At key rail terminals to container shipments from China to Europe, there were enormous traffic jams. This, for example, Alashan, in the Xinjiang (where the train goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Central Europe) and a few others. In China, the terminals proudly call the "land ports", show their foreign guests as an example of the use of artificial intelligence and other new technologies in organization of logistic process. And now, even artificial intelligence is not helping.

Namely, through the Alashan to Europe in that year went to ten trains a day, now 19, and still a part of them is delayed, the graphics are broken. Chinanski terminal in XI'an this year has already sent almost twice as many trains on the European direction than last year. That's when I remembered that there was a plan for the development and construction of Railways in Europe (2016-2019), which is fulfilled by 2018, and now the transportation load has increased by a third over itself.

In the tourist province of Cambodia banned the trade in dog meat

Cambodian province, popular with tourists, forbidden to sell and kill dogs for meat, reports the Bangkok Post.

Siem reap, the birthplace of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, was the first region in Cambodia, where issued such a ban. According to experts, the country annually slaughtered three million dogs.

Onishchenko praised the threat of the spread of bubonic plague in Russia

Academician, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko praised in an interview with "Evening Moscow" the threat of the spread of bubonic plague in Russia.

"Bringing the plague on the territory of Russia from abroad is excluded. Our regions, where historically known similar diseases, under strict control", - said Onishchenko.

India wants to strengthen control over Chinese goods from ASEAN countries

India seeks to strengthen control over import of goods by Chinese companies from the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), reports the Economic Times citing sources.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, new Delhi has the information that China is creating a new company or acquires a company that doesn't exist in countries such as Vietnam. Using these shell companies, Chinese firms are rebranding and export of goods to India using free trade agreement of India with ASEAN, the newspaper writes.

"Roscosmos" showed how the shadow from a solar Eclipse passes along the Ground

Russian hydrometeorological satellite "Electro-L" number 2 made the passage of the shadow of the annular solar Eclipse on the earth's surface, dynamic image published in the microblog of "Roscosmos" on Twitter.

As previously reported by the Moscow planetarium, annular solar Eclipse, when the Moon completely covers the Sun, were able to observe 21 June in the Central African Republic, Congo and Ethiopia, to the South of Pakistan and Northern India, and China. With Russia it was possible to see only a partial Eclipse, when the Moon covers the Sun completely.

The Ambassador praised relations between Russia and India

India remains promising, in demand and much needed partner in the relationship India and Russia have much in common, told Russian reporters the Russian Ambassador to India, Nikolai Kudashev.

"We have a lot in common in our bilateral relations. We cooperate closely with Indian friends on critical topics of today is the fight against the pandemic. We were on parallel courses and have a deep understanding on the issues of the need to preserve and reform the world health organization. We have continued dialogue in the framework of "twenty", held a Ministerial meeting of the BRICS and the SCO," - said the Ambassador.

ASEAN agreed to enhance interaction of military physicians

Participating countries and partners of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed to intensify the mechanism of interaction of military doctors, said Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the special meeting, via videoconference with the foreign Ministers of ASEAN.

He recalled Russia proposed several years ago at the event, defense Ministers of ASEAN and ASEAN partners, held in Thailand, the mechanism of interaction of military physicians. "The decision was made, and today we have agreed with our colleagues about how to revitalize the work of this mechanism military physicians under the auspices of the meeting of Ministers of defence", - said Lavrov.

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