Latest News - #Southampton

In an American hospital found a cache of works by Kooning and Calder

. The hospital "stony brook" in Southampton (new York) accidentally found a warehouse with works by famous abstract expressionists of the twentieth century, reports the New York Post.

They were looking for a place to store the ventilator and additional hospital beds, and found more than a hundred paintings.

Mankind will toss the Earth for three million years, said scientists

The Earth's climate could "go back" for a few million years, say scientists from the University of Southampton. Their findings are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

As noted by the authors, by 2025, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may be a record for the past 3.3 million years. Scientists managed to establish this by analysing the chemical composition of fossils from the bottom of the Caribbean sea.

Greece is ready to cancel the quarantine for some travelers

The Greek authorities are ready to cancel the quarantine for tourists coming from safe places, according to the Sun.

In the country are discussing the possibility of failure from a week of quarantine, for example, for the British, departing from the cities, happy to the coronavirus. Thus, according to the European aviation safety Agency (EASA), among these include flights from Belfast, Bristol, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, Southampton and Cardiff.