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Scientists figured out how to make wine and cheese with weed

Scientists of the South Ural state University (SUSU) discovered that the extract of common weeds — Bidens pilosa is a promising source of enzymes for the food industry. According to the authors obtained a series of substances may be available herbal alternative to expensive enzymes required in winemaking and cheesemaking. The study is published in the journal International Journal of Scientific and Technology.

Research South Ural state University scientists showed that an extract from the pulp of the leaves of Bidens pilose (Bidens pilosa L.) accelerates the cleavage of peptide bonds of protein, making it suitable for the production of various biologically active substances, in particular of the tyrosine part of proteins of all living organisms and was first isolated from cheese in 1846.

Scientists have found the earliest evidence of vladychestva in the bronze age

Scientist of the South Ural state University (SUSU) Igor Czechoslov as part of an international team of researchers from Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA have discovered the earliest evidence of the use of horses for horsemen in the bronze age, according to the University.

The article on the results of a multidisciplinary study of the burial of horses published in one of the most prestigious journals of the first quartile Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

Ural scientists have identified effective drugs against coronavirus

Scientists of the South Ural state University (SUSU) in Chelyabinsk has identified effective drugs against coronavirus, according to the University.

Under the guidance of head of laboratory, candidate of chemical Sciences Vladimir Potemkin, the researchers reportedly analyzed the famous drugs that can fight the new type of coronavirus. The team decided to focus on the drugs listed in DrugBank database. Their more than eight thousand, and each is widely known in the world and approved by, for example, the Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia, Rospotrebnadzor, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.

A unique method of creating a powder composites developed in Russia

A new method of making composite metal powder has been developed by scientists of the South Ural state University (SUSU). The authors argue that their method allows to reduce production waste and improve the quality of electrical products and, as a consequence, to increase production efficiency by 30%. The study is published in journal Metallurgist.

A team of scientists of the University presented a unique method and design of the mixer to prepare a powder of composite materials based on graphite, coke and the polymeric component. The new method will improve the quality of the finished raw materials for the subsequent pressing process and to reduce waste production in nuclear energy, aviation and space industry, metallurgy and electric transport.

Scientists have modeled the chemistry of the human brain exposed to violence

Scientists of the South Ural state University (SUSU) has created the world's first experimental model of severe mental state of a person – complex PTSD (C-PTSD). The development will help to create and test medications for the treatment of the disease. Results published in the scientific journal psychoneuroendocrinology is.

According to experts, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe mental condition arising from events that had a powerful negative impact on the psyche. This can be the situation is life threatening, receiving serious injury or sexual violence.

Scientists have taught a neural network to control the smart car shock absorbers

Scientists of the South Ural state University (SUSU) found a method using neural networks to improve handling smart car shock absorbers to improve the ride of the car. Results published in the journal Energies.

Today, many motorists choose cars with adjustable suspension that adapts to any type of road surface. Adaptive suspension dampers significantly improve the smoothness of the car, its comfort and handling stability, driving safety.