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Russians in Abkhazia will cease to receive pensions from ATMs

Russian pensioners in Abkhazia will cease from August to receive pension in ATMs, the press service of the Ministry of social welfare and demographic policy of the Republic.

"The Ministry of social Affairs and demographic policy of the Republic of Abkhazia informs pensioners receive Russian pensions and supplements to pensions, as well as receiving pensions of Abkhazia and supplements to pensions that from August 2020, the servicing of Bank cards of pensioners ATMs of credit institutions of Abkhazia will be stopped", - stated in the message.

Not all countries have confirmed participation in the forum "Army 2020" because COVID-19

Pandemic coronavirus was reflected in the number of countries participating in the forum "Army 2020", is confirmed by the participation of only 35 of the 133 invited countries, said the head of Department of exhibition activity of the main Department of the research activities and technological support of advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Oleg Kulakovsky.

"The current epidemiological situation has certainly complicated the preparations for the forum, particularly the involvement of foreign States. Official invitations were sent to heads of defense agencies of 133 countries", - he told in interview to the newspaper "Red star".

South Ossetia has extended the closure of the border with Russia

South Ossetia has extended the closure of the border with the Russian Federation until 31 August because of the situation with coronavirus, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the President of the Republic of Dina Gassieva.

Earlier it was reported that from 1 August to cross the border of South Ossetia with Russia will be on the package information.

The Russian military began military exercises in the North Caucasus and in Transcaucasia

More than 5 thousand servicemen of the southern military district began bilateral battalion tactical exercises simultaneously in five regions of the North and South Caucasus, the press service of YUVO.

Maneuvers in preparation for large-scale exercises "Caucasus-2020" held in Dagestan, North Ossetia, Chechnya, and military bases of the southern military district in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

In the border area of South Ossetia has discovered a large cache of weapons

The state security Committee of South Ossetia together with the Border guard of FSB of Russia found ammunition in non-residential households in the border with Georgia in the Leningor district.

"Among them: 376 rounds of 7.62 and 5.45 mm, seven shots from a grenade launcher, three grenades, four grenades fuse, fuse cords, electric detonators and control equipment", - stated in the message of the Committee of state security.

The foreign Ministry spoke about the provocations on the border of Georgia with Russia

Frequent cases of illegal crossing of the Russian, Abkhaz and South Ossetian borders from the Georgian side indicate the need for early initiation of negotiations with Tbilisi, Sukhum and Tskhinval, the foreign Ministry said.

In the diplomatic Ministry recalled that in June, the outfit of the Russian frontier guards detained three illegally got on the territory of Abkhazia of Georgian citizens. Over the last month and a half of these "illegals" are also found in Russia and South Ossetia. For example, June 13, in Dagestan detained a 24-year-old Georgian without documents. The man was armed with a hunting rifle "Vepr" with 28 rounds.

South Ossetia marks peacekeeper's Day

The day of deployment of peacekeeping forces is marked in South Ossetia on Tuesday, the press service of the Russian Embassy in the Republic.

"On this day ceremonies are held. Traditionally, in Tskhinvali, the celebrations begin with the laying of wreaths at the place of death of Russian peacekeepers in the upper town in August 2008," - stated in the message.

The United States demanded South Ossetia to release the detained citizen of Georgia

The United States strongly condemn the actions of South Ossetian border guards, who wounded and detained the infringer of border of South Ossetia and Georgia, said on Tuesday state Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus.

Earlier, the South Ossetian state security Committee (KGB) reported that a citizen of Georgia for violating the border with South Ossetia, opened fire on the border guards was shot in the ankle and arrested.

The hero of Russia told how he came under fire on the su-25

Range aviation commander, Hero of Russia, Lieutenant General Sergey kobylash in an interview with TV channel "Star" told how during the execution of the task in August 2008, came under heavy shelling on its su-25.

"My wingman on the radio said: "Comrade commander, you start", — he shared the events of that day.

On the border of South Ossetia and Georgia shooting occurred

A citizen of Georgia for violating the border with South Ossetia, opened fire on border guards, said the South Ossetian state security Committee.

In turn, the state security Service of Georgia stated that the citizen was wounded in the leg Tskhinvali security forces during the arrest on the territory of the fortress Shvilo near the dividing line.

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