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The Abbot of Valaam monastery: we opened for pilgrims

The Valaam monastery is one of the first was closed to pilgrims and tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic this spring. And on Thursday Balaam, his main Transfiguration Cathedral and the Central manor again opened its doors to visitors to the island. About whether the pilgrims to get to the worship service, where volunteers are in quarantine and what gastronomic innovations is preparing a "Northern Athos" this year – told RIA Novosti Abbot of Valaam monastery Bishop Trinity Pankraty. Interviewed Artem Budyonny.

Bishop: the pilgrims won't be able to attend the services on the Valaam

Pilgrims can come to Valaam organized tour groups without overnight stay, they will not be able to attend the services, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Abbot of the Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky Stavropegial monastery Bishop Trinity Pankraty.

Thursday at the monastery for pilgrims has opened a Central manor house and main temple of the monastery – Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

Europeans from the Russian heartland. On the vicissitudes of life near the border

In Russia there are villages where we go for food foreigners and Russians from other regions without a pass will not be allowed. The local issue of dual citizenship and travel to Europe whenever I want. But it happens the other way: the Russian-Ukrainian border between the villages Melovoe and Chertkovo shared the fate of people in the before and after. About the pros and cons of life in the border zone — in the material RIA Novosti.

Artem Kononov two passports, like many in the village of Lavra, the Pskov region. To Latvia only four kilometers, but citizenship of the European Union through Estonia to get to her a little farther: ten kilometers. In 1920 the settlement belonged to Estonia and called Laura. The indigenous people, whose family lived here during the Soviet years, no problems issuing the document in a blue cover.

Russian regions are preparing for the opening of the tourist season

The tourist season after the recession of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 will start with the opening of a sanatorium complex on June 1, but the regions of Russia are already preparing for the phased lifting of the measures, allowing to receive tourists.

The head of the Federal Agency for tourism of sarin doguzova previously noted, the preconditions for a rapid recovery of international tourism yet, so you need to give the Russians the ability to securely rest within the country. She also believes that because of restrictions on travel abroad the current year can become "a breakthrough in the development of domestic tourism".