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The Somali Parliament passed a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister of the country

Members of the Somali Parliament voted on Saturday for a censure of Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, reports local newspaper Garowe Online.

It is reported that for the removal of power from the Prime Minister voted by 170 parliamentarians, against - eight.

In Somalia, the humanitarian, the plane crashed because of scared donkeys

The Kenyan plane, which was carrying humanitarian cargo, last week crashed in Somalia due to the fact that the terrified donkey ran out to the runway, reports the Daily Nation newspaper with reference to Somali aviation authorities.

Informed Somali radio station Radio Garowe reported that on Tuesday, July 14, Charter a cargo plane crashed in the Somali town of Beletweyne (Hiran region). According to the Somali media, members of the crew survived and were not injured.

The President of Algeria has opposed arming Libyan tribes

The President of Algeria Abdelmajid Tebben said in an interview with local media that the weapons of Libyan tribes may lead to the fact that the situation in Libya will resemble what is happening in Somalia.

Tebben noted that the military solution to the Libyan crisis "will not solve any problems", it is preferable to engage in dialogue to discuss the way out of the situation.

Germany July 24, will take out about a hundred refugees from Greece

Germany July 24, will take about 100 refugees from the Greek Islands, said the representative of the Ministry on Monday.

Yesterday the Agency reported that in total, Germany has decided to adopt in the near future 243 children together with their families, and on 24 July the country will arrive the first 24 families. The exact number of trafficked refugees when the Agency called.

In Somalia, when two explosions killed six people, media reported

At least six people, including the bomber, were killed in two bomb blasts in Somalia, according to local newspaper Garowe Online.

Earlier it was reported that at least seven people were injured in the explosion of the car of the suicide bomber near the seaport in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The explosion occurred around 08: 00 (same as GMT). A suicide bomber on the car crashed into the IRS building, which is located opposite the entrance to the port. As a result of the incident killed only militants.

With the explosion in South-West Somalia, suffered five people

At least five people were injured in an explosion in southern Somalia in Baidoa, according to local newspaper Garowe Online.

It is noted that an improvised explosive device detonated near the customs Department in the city.

The explosion near the port of the capital of Somalia has suffered seven people

At least seven people were injured in the explosion of the car of the suicide bomber near the seaport in the Somali capital Mogadishu, according to local portal Hiiraan Online, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, the explosion occurred around 08:00 (same as GMT). A suicide bomber on the car crashed into the IRS building, which is located opposite the entrance to the port.

American Institute assessed the role of Sputnik in the coverage of events in Africa

American foreign policy research Institute (FPRI) involved in the analysis of political problems and security issues, praised the role of Russia and the Russian media, including the Agency Sputnik, in light of the events in the horn of Africa region.

Speaking about the role of the Russian media, the researchers noted that the Agency Sputnik and RT focus on the positive news from the African continent, udelat attention to the development of social networks and the use of their materials to local media. This, according to analysts, strengthens the influence of the Russian "information war" against the United States.

Media: more than ten people were killed in bombings in two cities in Somalia

More than 10 people were killed in blasts in two Somali cities, reported local newspaper Garowe Online.

According to the newspaper, the first explosion occurred in the city of Wanlaweyn (Wanlaweyn) on Saturday evening, it was directed against the residence of a military official in the region of lower Shabelle. When an improvised explosive device killed at least 12 people, and, according to witnesses, most of them gathered at the scene after the first explosion. It is noted that when the incident in Wanlaweyn injured more than 20 people.

Food to the needy, plywood - artists: Minneapolis gets rid of the fear

The residents of the street lake street in Minneapolis, where during the protests burned many buildings claim to have been stronger. However, when they can return to normal life, hard to say - supermarkets, where everything used to be purchased, no more, and almost all the Windows of the first floor is still boarded up with plywood. At this last threat the protests were here almost two weeks ago. On the one hand, there is the fear alive. On the other people trying to think more about the good.

On a nearly empty huge Parking lot in front of the supermarket "target" builds up a long queue. It is predominantly African Americans, Hispanics and immigrants from Somalia (they can be judged by the traditional clothes and the fact that in Minnesota the largest US Somali community). White - only a couple of people.