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Lukashenko said about undermining the situation in Belarus on the background of the election

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the Republic on the background of the presidential election are undermining the situation, but many people do not understand.

"The main fact, people do not understand that you are undermining the situation. If we hadn't sobered some, today, would have raged and Essen (a city in the Minsk region – ed.)", - Lukashenka said in Salihorsk during a meeting with representatives of the Minsk region. A fragment of this meeting showed the TV channel "Belarus 1" on Sunday.

Lukashenko praised the Russians for the Victory parade in Moscow

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko praised the Russians for the Victory day parade in Moscow on June 24 and said that one of the most striking moments was the passage of the Belarusian guard of honor.

Lukashenka on June 24 arrived in Moscow for participation in celebrations in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, with the parade on red square, he watched with his sons.

Lukashenko instructed officials "to catch on in the markets"

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the current crisis phenomena in the world should be regarded as a "time of opportunity", and instructed the officials to take the initiative in new markets, Recalling that it is "not to fat".

"To relax in any case impossible. The crisis is not only trouble, but also a time of opportunity. We have here a difficult time to use it to jump somewhere into the opened new markets and to be hooked there. Don't get caught - it will be very hard. Why would we worth, we need to tear forward," - said the Belarusian leader on Friday in Salihorsk at the meeting with the Minsk region. President quotes the official website.

Lukashenko accused of Muscovites in the growth of housing prices in Minsk

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Russians are actively buying residential real estate in the country, considering it a peaceful country where "you can live not only to them but to their children", so the prices on apartments in Minsk are growing.

According to the Agency Sputnik of Belarus, on Friday during a working trip to Soligorsk Lukashenko noted that "abroad, in particular the Russians have already realized that Belarus is a peaceful, quiet country where you can live not only them but also their children."

Lukashenka said that I was right not to sell Belaruskali

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he was glad a previous decision not to sell potash producer Belaruskali.

In 2019 Lukashenko said that Belaruskali want to buy and in Russia, in China and in America – everywhere... for $ 5 billion," but he's not ready to discuss the sale of the company cheaper than $ 30 billion. Earlier, the President also reported that can be sold only a small part of shares "Belaruskali".