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Found the main breeding ground for bacteria in the kitchen

The kitchen sponge is an ideal environment for bacteria. There is 200 thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the chief of Department of supervision on hygiene of a food of management of Rospotrebnadzora across Moscow region Hope Rayev.

Sponge for washing dishes are a hotbed of "contagion" in the kitchen, said the Hope Rayev. According to her, the sanitary regulations for public catering enterprises it is forbidden to use sponges for washing and processing of vegetables.

Mishustin told about the plans for payments to physicians for work COVID-19

The government will make proposals, in one form or another to continue the stimulating policy for physicians who struggle with novel coronavirus infection, the proposals will give Vladimir Putin, said Mikhail Mishustin.

The Prime Minister during the visit to Magadan visited the regional Oncology center and talked with staff. The doctors thanked him for the support and asked to convey his gratitude to the President.

The most harmful product for the kidneys

The enemy even healthy kidneys is salt, told the radio station "Moscow speaking" doctor-nephrologist Lyudmila artyukhina.

The expert drew attention to the problem of excessive consumption of this food product because of the popularity in modern society of fast food and semi-finished products and products, who generously put salt.

Several journalists from the pool mishustina contracted the coronavirus

. Several journalists from the government pool, which was accompanied by Michael mishustina in the trip to the far East, the tests showed a positive result. About it RIA Novosti reported the press Secretary of Prime Minister Boris Belyakov.

According to him, promptly taken the necessary measures. Journalists insulated, they are under the supervision of physicians, they provide comprehensive assistance.

Named regions of Russia with the most affordable gasoline

Gasoline in the regions of the far North, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg is the most accessible to the public, and residents of the North Caucasus can afford least of all automobile fuel on the average monthly salary. In the whole country gasoline AI-92 for seven months of this year rose by 1.9%, according to the study, RIA Novosti reported.

The rating is based on the ranking of Russian regions by volume of gasoline AI-92, which may become resident on average in the region paid. The available volume of gasoline determined by dividing the average monthly wage in the region, less income tax for the period from June 2019 to may 2020 to the regional price of gasoline as of July 27, 2020.

Vilfand warned Muscovites about low temperatures

Coming to the end of the week warming in the Metropolitan area cannot be considered as summer, as the nights will be cold in August, and in the morning will be chilly, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

"Mainly without precipitation, the temperature is 21-23 degrees. However, night temperatures are already low. They are mostly about 10 degrees (7 to 12 degrees). This means that in the morning, a person chilly, and summer is usually comfortable. So I would like to clarify that the question is not about the return of summer warmth in the truest sense of the word. Only conditionally can be called heat of the summer. We can say that it is "heat" in a typical August performance. This summer it is impossible to feel. It happens in the last days of July, in the first days of August, but not at the end of the month," - said Vilfand.

Vilfand declared "stunning" the record heat in the North Land

Daytime temperatures in August in one of the coldest parts of Russia – the archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya is higher than normal by 15-20 degrees, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

As previously noted Meteorologist, warming in the Arctic is twice as fast as in the whole planet. The manifestation of these environmental changes was the record temperature in 38 degrees, installed this summer in Yakutia Verkhoyansk, also known as the Northern pole of cold.

Ophthalmologist explained why men and women have different colors

The dispute about what color gown subsided, and the problem remains: not all see colors the same way. But color blindness is it? In an interview with radio Sputnik explained ophthalmologist Irina Leshchenko.

Color blindness — so in everyday life often referred to all violations of color perception in humans. But it's true: color blindness is the loss of perception of the whole color. And much more often these disorders that are associated with immunity to particular shades, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the ophthalmologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor of the chair of eye diseases of the national medico-surgical Center named. Pirogov, Director of clinical Affairs Johnson

Russia has offered to introduce a special output for parents of first-graders

The head of the Institute of progressive education Anna Marx sent a Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova handling of a proposal to introduce in Russia the rule according to which parents of first-graders will receive additional paid holiday on September 1, the document is available to RIA Novosti.

In the address Marx noted that according to the survey of the Institute, held from 1 to August 10, among 1.6 thousand parents of the 75 regions, 56% of participants expressed the intention to conduct the child on first lesson

Putin encouraged the journalists MIA "Russia today"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the order about encouragement of the journalists MIA "Russia today", as well as employees of the broadcasting company "Mir" for merits in development of communications and mass media, the relevant document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

"For merits in development of communications and media, long-term dobrosovestno work to award an honorary diploma of the President of the Russian Federation Filippov Alexey Evgenyevich - the special photographer ... Federal state unitary enterprise "International information Agency "Russia Today," Moscow city", - stated in the order.

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