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In Slovakia the opposition could not vote non-confidence in the Prime Minister

An extraordinary meeting of the National Council (Parliament) of Slovakia, convened by the opposition for passing the vote of confidence to Prime Minister Igor Matovic in connection with plagiarism in undergraduate thesis work and mistakes committed by them in the current post, ended with the victory of the ruling coalition – its members decided to support the Prime Minister.

Since the coalition parties have an overwhelming majority in Parliament, having 95 seats out of 150, and none of their MPs did not oppose Matovich, the resignation of the Prime Minister did not take place. The result of the vote for the resignation of the Prime Minister 47 deputies, against – 78. To be present at the end of the meeting 125 members.

In Slovakia identified 31 new cases of infection with coronavirus for days

During the last day in Slovakia was 31 cases of infection with coronavirus, a new recovered and died there, said the press service of the Ministry of health of the Republic.

"Over the past day in the Republic was held 2251 test for the presence of coronavirus, the disease was diagnosed in 31 persons. New recovered and died there. All in all, since March 1, the country held 248 384 testing, the total number of cases amounted to during this period, 2089 people, including recovered 1556, died 28 persons. Currently, the 505 was infected COVID-19 of them were hospitalized 10 people, the rest are treated at home", - stated in the message.

The Slovak Parliament will consider a question of mistrust to the Prime Minister

The national Council (Parliament) of the Slovak Republic on the proposal of the opposition will consider on Thursday at an extraordinary meeting on the question of confidence in Prime Minister Igor Matovic in connection with plagiarism in undergraduate thesis work, reported the press service of the legislature.

"Thursday at 10.00 (11.00 Moscow time) will start an extraordinary session of the National Council, the initiators of which are 37 representatives of the opposition parties. The deputies will consider the issue of plagiarism made by the Prime Minister Igor Katowice in the preparation of his thesis at the University, as well as other issues of activities of the head of the government", - stated in the message.

Ukraine and Poland launch a virtual connection of its gas systems

Ukraine and Poland on Wednesday launch a new virtual connection of its gas system, which will replace the two existing interconnection – "Drozdovychi" and "Guarded". This will simplify the import of gas to Ukraine from the Polish direction.

Earlier, the head of the "Operator GTS of Ukraine" Sergey Makogon reported that gas supplies from Poland to Ukraine via the "virtual reverse" began in January. Later a "virtual reversal" of gas was launched from Slovakia and Hungary. According to him, Ukraine prior to the expiration of the previous contract with Russia for gas transit could not use the "virtual reverse" and was forced to physically take out all volumes of gas to Poland through the "Drozdovychi" and to deliver the desired volume back through the "Guarded".

Couple from UK travels around Europe in caravan

The UK since may last year romp through Europe in a caravan, according to Lonely Planet.

Travel in the camper and still allows to comply with the measures of social distancing and isolation, found a British couple Josh and Harriet. However, they went to meet the adventure back in may of last year.

The Croatian President has criticized Orban's territorial claims

The Croatian President Zoran Milanovic rebuked Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban in the presence of territorial claims and stirring up nationalist ambitions of the Hungarians abroad.

Orban last Saturday opened in Sátoraljaújhely on the border with Slovakia monument to the "Hungarian Golgotha" in connection with the centenary of the signing of the Trianon peace Treaty at the end of the First world war, in which Hungary lost two thirds of its territory. On the monument depicts a map of the former Hungarian territories with parts of present-day Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and Croatia – 12.5 thousand settlements. Among them, the largest Croatian seaport, industrial and economic center – the city of Rijeka on the Adriatic sea.

In Slovak hospitals left patients with coronavirus

In hospitals of Slovakia no hospitalized patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19, 101 people with positive test result treated at home the disease these people have been mild, told reporters on Wednesday evening, the representative of the Ministry of health of the Republic Zuzana Eliasova.

"Since the beginning of March in Slovakia was recorded 1533 cases of the coronavirus, of which 1404 individuals have recovered, 28 died. Currently, a positive test result has 101 people, these people the disease is mild, therefore they are treated at home. In the hospitals, not a single patient with COVID-19" - said Eliasova, the performance of which was broadcast the network TV channels.

Lavrov discussed with the foreign Minister of Slovakia bilateral relations

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has discussed with the foreign Minister of Slovakia Ivan Corcomm the state and prospects of Russian-Slovak relations, the Russian Minister outlined the evaluation situation with the implementation of the Minsk agreements on settling the crisis in Eastern Ukraine, the Russian foreign Ministry.

Telephone conversation with Lavrov and Korczaka was held on June 10 at the initiative of the Slovak side.

Foreign Minister of Slovakia invited Lavrov to visit to the Republic of

The foreign Minister of Slovakia Ivan Korcok in a telephone conversation on Wednesday with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov invited him to Slovakia to visit, and to participate in the international conference GLOBSEC, the press service of the foreign Ministry of Slovakia.

The conversation took place at the initiative of the Slovak side.

In Slovakia, from Wednesday canceled a nationwide quarantine

In Slovakia 7.00 (8.00 Moscow time) of environment cancelled the national quarantine imposed by the government on 12 March in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, said Tuesday at a press conference Prime Minister Igor Matovic.

"The environment in the Republic canceled a nationwide quarantine and the quarantine for those citizens who returned to Slovakia from 19 countries with a low risk of infection COVID-19, their list is on the government website. The wearing of protective masks is required only when close interactions with strangers on the street, and also while indoors or in public transport. The use of masks in the workplace will be of a recommendatory nature, provided location people 2 meters away from each other," said matovich.

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