Latest News - #Sirte

The EU assessed the situation with the arms embargo on Libya

The head of the EU foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday agreed to work to ensure the full effectiveness of the operation IRINI for monitoring the embargo on arms supplies to Libya, said at a press conference, EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

The European Union on 31 March launched a new naval mission IRINI control over compliance with the UN embargo on arms supplies to Libya. According to the EU statement, the new military mission to thwart the smuggling of weapons and natural resources of Libya. For the tracing of illicit weapons across land borders and by air, the EU uses satellites and aircraft observations. The mandate of the mission IRINI will run until 31 March 2021. The EU hopes that an end to illegal arms supplies to conflict parties in Libya, will contribute to the achievement of the truce. In early June, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution renewing for a year the embargo on arms supplies to Libya.

The Egyptian army has carried out tactical exercises West of the country

The Egyptian armed forces held a tactical military exercise in the Western military district, said the army of the Arab Republic.

The exercise, codenamed "Commitment 2020" held in the Western military district of Egypt, in the area Qabr-of Gabis 60 kilometers from the border with Libya.

The army holds the Haftarot of the NTC forces in Libya, 50 km from Sirte

The Libyan national army (LNA) Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot holds the power of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya, 50 km from Sirte, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the LNA Ahmed al-Mismari.

According to the representative of the LDF, the parts of the Haftarah after the withdrawal from Tripoli and redeployment managed to repel "a massive, large attack of the NTC in Sirte".

The EU is concerned by reports of mass graves in Libya

The EU is concerned by reports of the discovery of eight mass graves near the town of Tarhuna in the West of Libya, said in published on Tuesday a statement the foreign service of the EU.

"The EU reminds all parties to the conflict in Libya of their obligations to protect civilians and infrastructure in accordance with international humanitarian law", - stated in the message.

Pope Francis has urged to resume the search for the path to peace in Libya

Pope Francis expressed concern over the situation in Libya and called for a resumption of the search for ways to achieve peace, stability and the unity of this country.

He called on international organizations and those who bear political and military responsibility for the situation in Libya, determined to resume the search for "ways to end violence, which will lead to peace, stability and unity of the country."

In the PNS Libya has called for talks with the authorities in the East

The national consensus government (NTC) of Libya is ready to negotiate with the authorities representing the East of Libya, after the establishment of control over the city of Sirte airbase and al-Dzhufra, said the Minister of internal Affairs of the NTC, Fathi Basaga in interview to Agency Bloomberg.

Earlier, the NTC forces announced the beginning of operation "Path to victory", the purpose of which is to control is located on the Mediterranean coast city of Sirte and several other nearby areas and territories.

The Haftarot army launched a counterattack near the town of Misrata

The forces of the Libyan national army under the command of Khalifa the Haftarot conducted a counter-attack East of the city of Misrata, said at a press conference on Saturday the official representative of the LNA Ahmed al-Mismari.

"Our armed forces in a counterattack against armed groups supported by Turkey (the Government of national consensus), near Hisha East of Misrata after a series of air strikes by our aircraft on enemy positions," said Mismari.