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"Against Russia and China": how the Americans are increasing their aircraft

The Pentagon believes that in case of war with Russia and China on the American aircraft will have difficulty with the transfer of cargo and soldiers for short distances. Therefore the USAF are seriously interested in the program of so-called helicopter of the future, implemented in the interests of the army. That kind of machine — in the material RIA Novosti.

Today in the U.S. air force about 200 helicopters is search and rescue HH-60 in various modifications, multi-purpose UH-1N and training TH-1H. Rotary-wing technology to transport cargo and perform other tasks in the air force there. According to experts, this will severely limit their opportunities in large-scale armed conflict.

Media: nine soldiers from the fallen Colombia helicopter found dead

The body 9 of the 11 soldiers went missing in the crash of a helicopter type Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk on the river Inirida in the area of the reserve Nukak in Colombia was discovered as the result of the search operation, reported the newspaper Tiempo.

"Sources in the armed forces reported that nine people from the missing were found dead," - said in the material edition.