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Almost two hundred migrants escaped from the reception centre in Sicily

Almost two hundred migrants on Sunday escaped from the center for their reception and accommodation in Sicily, after a night of searching back managed more than half.

As reported to journalists by the representatives of law enforcement bodies, the structure is designed to undergo quarantine, left 184 migrant. The carabinieri and the police was looking for them all night. As of Monday morning, caught 125. It is noted that all remaining fugitives previously passed a negative test for the coronavirus.

A tourist has told how bought in Italy the house "for one Euro"

American Meredith Tabon bought the house "for one Euro" in sparsely populated town in Sicily and talked about how the cost of housing in fact, according to Lonely Planet.

She responded to the announcement of the sale of houses in Italy, as her great-grandfather lived in the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia. In many Italian cities do not have enough residents, so the authorities regularly offer tourists to buy housing for one Euro and to move to the country.

On the Italian island of Stromboli resumed activity of the volcano

The Stromboli volcano on the Italian island of the same name, located in the Tyrrhenian sea near Sicily on Sunday morning resumed its activity, reported by the national Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy (Ingv).

According to volcanologists, a new eruption occurred at dawn. In 6.23 (7.23 MSK) was recorded a powerful explosion, after which above the crater of the volcano rose a column of black smoke. The eruption was accompanied by strong emission of ash, sand and other volcanic material. Scientists have registered two "high intensity blast", which caused fluctuations of the earth's surface.

Italian authorities have identified COVID 28 rescued in the Mediterranean migrants

Medical Italian authorities have identified infection with coronavirus COVID-19 28 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean sea German vessel the NGO Sea Watch, said on Wednesday the news channel RaiNews24.

Previously, more than 200 who have suffered disaster refugees were brought on Board the quarantine ship Moby Zaza, located in the roads in the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle. On Tuesday all of them were tested for the coronavirus. In 28 cases, the tests showed the infection COVID-19. It was also reported that on Tuesday one of the migrants was urgently hospitalized in the infectious diseases hospital of the city of Caltanissetta with suspected tuberculosis. He also discovered coronavirus.

In Sicily, a quarrel between neighbors ended in a shooting with a crossbow

Italian police stormed the apartment of the Sicilian pensioner who during a quarrel with a neighbor stabbed someone with a crossbow.

The episode occurred in the province of Ragusa, in the town of Vittorio. A local resident of 68 years, who had previously been brought to criminal responsibility, had a fight with housemate and in a rage took out a crossbow and fired at the offender. As noted in the local police Department, the relations between them were warm.