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Kazakhstan sent to fight COVID more than 282 million dollars

Kazakhstan sent to fight the coronavirus more than 282 million dollars, said Tuesday the Minister of health of the Republic Alexey Tsoy.

He noted that the funds from the government reserve was used to purchase personal protective equipment, medicinal products and medical devices, laboratory equipment, test-systems, artificial ventilation for ambulance and the evacuation of citizens of Kazakhstan. From means of the Republican budget was allocated 74 billion tenge (about 181.8 million dollars) for medical services, promotion of employees, the establishment of three pre-fabricated systems for placing infectious patients in Nur-Sultan, Shymkent and Almaty.

In Kazakhstan, police have revealed cases of sale of drugs at inflated prices

The police of Kazakhstan revealed the facts of sale of drugs at prices inflated by tens of times, after carrying out raids on identification of illegal trafficking in drugs and sale of drugs at inflated prices in conditions of shortage of drugs because of the pandemic coronavirus, reported the press service of the interior Ministry of the Republic.

"The purpose of the inspections is to establish the bad faith of the pharmacists and citizens who are in conditions of shortage of essential drugs during the period of quarantine have used the increased demand for medicinal products intended for treatment sick of acute respiratory viral diseases, with the aim of making a profit," according to a statement on the Agency's website.