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In Japan evaluated the installation of a monument to "comfort women" in Korea

New monument to the so-called "comfort women" established in South Korea, will have an impact on the development of relations between Tokyo and Seoul, this view was expressed by Secretary General of the government of Japan Acehide Suga.

The monument was erected in a private Botanical garden in Gangwon province in South Korea. He depicts sitting on a bench, the girl personifying the victim of the system "women of comfort", which existed during the war in Japanese-occupied territories. Before her on his knees and bowed his head stands a man, in which, according to media reports, it's easy to recognize the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The monument called "Eternal redemption".

In Japan, we launched a program to support domestic tourism

The program of support of domestic tourism Go To Travel came into effect in Japan except Tokyo, the capital, was excluded from the program due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation – a record of continuous growth diseases COVID-19.

"In any case, care should be taken to avoid concentrations of people in close unventilated room. We ask the public to assist in this. A course for serious recovery of economic activity remains unchanged," - told reporters the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. His words are quoted by TV channel NHK.

Abe wants to meet with Putin after the completion of the distribution COVID-19

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is counting on following a meeting with the Russian President after the spread of the new coronavirus infection, this was at the end of the meeting with the head of the Cabinet said the Deputy of the upper house of Parliament from the party "Nippon Issin-Kai" (Association of the updates Japan) Mounet Suzuki.

The meeting of the Deputy with Shinzo Abe took place on Tuesday in the office of the Prime Minister of Japan.

The rating of Prime Minister of Japan has grown, despite the situation with COVID-19

The level of support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rose 2.1 percentage points to 38.8 per cent, despite the General dissatisfaction with the way the government cope with the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus infection, according to the research Agency Kyodo.

In particular, 66.4% of respondents believe that the government should re-introduce a state of emergency amid a sharp increase in the number of new infections. Earlier this week, the Secretary-General of the Japanese government Yoshihide Suga stated that the government does not consider it necessary to immediately renew the emergency mode.

The foreign Ministry said that the goal of negotiations between Russia and Japan

The goal of Russia's negotiations with Japan - basic document wider peace agreement, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"We see the negotiation of the conclusion of such a fundamental document, which would be wider than just peace. And referring to the Treaty of peace, friendship and good neighborliness, cooperation, which would be durable, modern legal basis for the derivation of relations between our countries to a qualitatively new level," Zakharova said at the briefing.

Experts assessed the situation with the South Kuril Islands after the constitutional changes

Japan intends to continue attempts to obtain from Russia the southern Kuril Islands, despite amendments to the Russian Constitution and laws that do not allow the exclusion of part of the territory of the state, although for Tokyo to do it will be more difficult, said RIA questioned Japanese officials and experts.

As previously reported, in Russia prepared for consideration by the state Duma amendments to the administrative code, criminal code and criminal procedure code with sanctions for appeals and exclusion areas that have attracted attention from Japan, which is seeking the transfer of the South Kuril Islands, which the Japanese call the "Northern territories".

The expert estimated the future joint projects of Russia and Japan on the Kuril Islands

A prominent Japanese expert on Russian-Japanese relations Yukio Asazuma not rule out that Russia and Japan will stop joint economic activities on southern Kuriles against the background of amendments to the Russian legislation for territorial integrity.

"The opportunity to continue negotiations on the territorial issue, the two countries remains", - said the expert, who is a knight of the order "Friendship of Peoples", consultant on Russian-Japanese cooperation.

The foreign Ministry commented on the issue of concluding a peace Treaty with Japan

Russia did not agree with Japan on concluding a peace Treaty after resolving the territorial issue, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

As the Minister said, the basis of everything that should determine the future relations between Russia and Japan lies the problem the outcome of the Second world war.

In Japan, the number of victims of floods has reached 64

The number of victims of floods and landslides in Japan on the island Kyushu has reached 64 people, a search for 16 missing persons, passed on Thursday TV channel NHK.

According to him, two more are in a state of respiratory arrest and heart, but their death is not officially confirmed.

In Japan, a couple of deputies were charged with buying votes

A couple of deputies of the Parliament of Japan, Kazuyuki and Henri kawaii charged with violation of the election law by bribing politicians, said on Wednesday Agency Kiodo.

Member of the lower chamber of Parliament for a 57-year-old Kazuyuki kawaii and his wife, 46-year-old member of the house of councilors Anri Kawai was arrested June 18 on suspicion that during the elections to the upper house of Parliament last summer, the pair were handing out, allegedly, cash money deputies of the local Parliament, members of the electoral headquarters Anri Kawai.

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