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In Russia planned to export routes from a number of countries

Export the flights to Russia from the UK, France, Azerbaijan, Moldova are planned on Saturday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flight London — Moscow, Paris — Moscow, Baku — Zhukovsky, Chisinau — Krasnodar.

Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo are ready to resume international flights

Moscow airports "Sheremetyevo" and "Vnukovo" is ready to resume international flights from July 15, told RIA Novosti the representatives of aviagamma.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova earlier on Friday announced the beginning from July 15 the process of removing the limitations on international flights.

On Wednesday, the Russians will return home from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Export routes to Russia from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan are planned on Wednesday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flights Osh — Moscow, Tashkent — Zhukovsky, Dushanbe — Samara, Moscow — Novosibirsk.

Sheremetyevo will resume terminal D from July 27

Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on July 27, will resume operation of terminal D, reported RIA Novosti Director of public relations of the airport Anna zakharenkova.

"Sheremetyevo international airport informs about the reopening of terminal D (South terminal complex) in full, starting from 00.00 GMT on July 27, 2020," said zakharenkova.

Export the flight from Seoul was taken over a hundred Russians in Vladivostok

The aircraft of the airline "Aurora" from Seoul with the Russians on Board, arrived in Vladivostok, follows from the data of the online scoreboard Vladivostok International airport.

The plane took off at 13.12 local time and sat in Vladivostok 15.48 (08.48 GMT).

In this difficult situation, the family of Russians from Harbin took home

Caught in a difficult financial situation, the family of Russians from Harbin included in Humanities list, and they are free of charge flew to Moscow from Shanghai, told RIA Novosti press attache of the Russian Embassy in China Georgy Egorov.

Earlier in social networks has spread to the citizen of Russia Mikhail Mikheenkova living in Harbin, who said that together with his wife and two young children could not fly a medevac flight Chengdu - Saint Petersburg airline Sichuan Airlines on 30 June, although they had registered on the official website of public services. The family flew to Chengdu, but at the reception, representatives of the airline reported that the flight Chengdu – Saint Petersburg it is forbidden to sell tickets and to Board the plane to let passengers. According to the man, in the end, the whole family could not fly to Russia and left without means of subsistence and place of residence.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation explained the presence of Chinese citizens on the flight for export from China

Chinese citizens were on the flight Shanghai - Moscow airline "Aeroflot", which took out the Russian citizens, because it was negotiated by the Chinese authorities as combined, and not export, but Russian citizens were flying in the export segment, told RIA Novosti press attache of the Russian Embassy in China Georgy Egorov.

AFL209 flight on the route Shanghai-Moscow-Novosibirsk-Ufa was made on 4 July airline "Aeroflot". According to the Consulate General of Russia in Shanghai, the flight was 119 commercial passengers among the foreign citizens, who went by transit via Moscow to destinations outside of the Russian Federation. Earlier, the passengers of flight expressed in a social media misunderstanding, why export the flight were Chinese citizens. In addition, in social networks there are lots of reports that the airline refused to take on Board Pets, as some passengers are unable to fly.

In Russia on Tuesday is scheduled to export five flights

Export the flights to Russia from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Korea, Kyrgyzstan is planned on Tuesday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flight Dushanbe — Moscow, Tashkent — Moscow, Yerevan — Zhukovskiy, Seoul — Vladivostok, Bishkek — Yekaterinburg, Osh — Novosibirsk.

More than 170 of the Russians returned home export a flight from Amsterdam

Thanks to export the flight Amsterdam-Moscow 173 citizen of the Russian Federation were able to return home, have informed in the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands.

"In promoting the repatriation of Russian citizens stranded overseas and had to return home because of the pandemic coronavirus, July 4, held a "export" flight of "Aeroflot" on the route Amsterdam - Moscow. The flight was able to take advantage of 173 passengers from among our compatriots", - stated in the message of the Embassy in Facebook.

In the Ministry of communications told about the export routes for Monday

Export the flights to Russia from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Tajikistan, Cyprus is planned Monday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flight Larnaca — Moscow, Yerevan — Krasnodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk — Novosibirsk, tel-Aviv — Moscow, Dushanbe — Ekaterinburg.

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