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In Australia due to shark attack killed 20-year-old diver

In Australia, the 20-year-old diver died after a shark attack off the coast of Queensland, according to ABC News.

For athlete attacked on the Eastern side of Fraser island. Doctor and nurse at the scene provided first aid until rescuers arrived by helicopter. But the diver that the shark bit his leg, has died on the shore, reported the Queensland ambulance service.

In the United States took video of the bird flying with the shark in its talons

In the United States on one of the beaches of South Carolina were videotaped like a big bird flies by, carrying a fish in its talons, similar to sharks, reports Movieweb.

The video quickly became viral.

In the US, seven-year-old boy recovering after shark attack

A trip to the beach in the Park HOMESTEAD-Bayfront, located near Miami, ended in injuries for seven children, but he's on the mend, according to 12 News, citing CNN.

The boy's mother, Ethel, says that when her son went into the water, he was attacked by a predator. She bit the child in three places. Judging by the markings left, Ethel believes it was a bull shark.

In Thailand, the divers tried to rescue shark with a rope on the tail

A group of divers in Thailand tried to save a whale shark, the tail of which was attached a rope, reports The Guardian.

They tried to release the fish, but the knife was too small for this.

In Australia, a shark attacked a fisherman and took him to last

In Australia, bull sharks attacked the diver, who was engaged in underwater fishing and bite off his flippers, according to For The Win.

Lachlan Pye, 17-year-old underwater fisherman, survived with a bull shark, which, in his words, “appeared from nowhere”.