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Do not believe! Poison on the Playground, shirt Putin looked like Peter

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“The vaccine will make the blood Nazarbayev”: in Kazakhstan has seriously reacted to a joke Agency “Panorama”

German scientists have discovered 28 coronavirus neutralizing antibodies

A group of scientists from the University clinic of Cologne and German research centre for infections (DZIF) were able to identify 28 having a high potential to neutralize coronavirus antibodies, according to a press release on the website of DZIF.

"Our goal was to better understand the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and to identify high potential antibodies that can be used as drugs for passive immunization or for treatment COVID-19", - said the head of the project, the Director of the Institute of Virology at the University hospital of Cologne, Florian Klein. Neutralizing antibodies bind to the protein of the pathogen and prevent the penetration of the virus in healthy cells.

Aeroflot commented on the attempt to smuggle 71 animal from Shanghai

Passengers exit flight to Moscow from Shanghai came to register with 71 animals, transportation could not be implemented technically, creating a threat to animal life and health of passengers, the situation had signs of smuggling, many of the passengers left the animals and flew away without them, and Pets were taken unknown to the locals, told reporters the official representative of "Aeroflot" Mikhail Demin.

Previously, the Instagram user Elizaveta Ivanova was announced on social networks that her dog was left in Shanghai, so as to export the flight to Russia airline to take the animal refused. According to her, all the animals of the passengers promised to take the next flight, but later said that no such arrangements.

In Vladivostok, the University will create a UNESCO chair

International UNESCO chair "Integration interdisciplinary center for biomedical information" with the participation of universities, research centers of Vladivostok, Shanghai and Beijing will create in Vladivostok, reports the Vladivostok state University of Economics and service (VSUES).

First UNESCO chair was established in 1992 within the framework of one of the most successful international programs of the organization - "sister universities". Worldwide operates 126 UNESCO chairs, of which more than 50 in Russia, according to the University.

No husband, no children. Why China such girls are called "scraps"

To marry and to provide for the family financially, to produce an heir and to remember their place — such a role is removed the weaker sex to Chinese tradition. Forced abortions are replaced by requirements to give birth, and only one is showing the greatest men in China is valued much more than women. But the young Chinese women stand up for their rights. The difficulties they faced, understood to RIA Novosti.

"I have so much money on other people's weddings squandered, can not wait to beat on its own," laughs a resident of Harbin Jing Yue. She was a little over thirty. Almost all married peers, who first, who second. And to each she gave a "red envelope" with a few hundred yuan.

Chinese regions impose mandatory quarantine for the Beijing

Regions of China would impose a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving from Beijing because of the new flash COVID-19 to the largest wholesale market of the city "Sinhale".

Beijing authorities have so far recognized 28 quarters areas of high and medium level of epidemiological risk. The only one in the whole country area with a high level of epidemiological risk is a quarter of Huasan in the Beijing district of Fengtai, where is the wholesale market "Sinhale".

In Shanghai sent to quarantine arriving from high-risk areas

The Shanghai government, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in the wholesale market in Beijing decided to send a two-week quarantine for all who come to the city from areas with moderate to high epidemiological risk, says a government statement.

It is noted that all these persons must undergo a 14-day centralized quarantine and take two tests on the nucleic acid of coronavirus.

In the Russian trade mission spoke about the supply of remedies from China

Russia at the time of the epidemic had purchased in China, 204 million personal protective equipment to evacuate it took 42 cargo flight and three train, said the Deputy trade representative of Russia in China Vyacheslav Serdyukov.

According to him, "the export of these products was carried out 42 cargo flights, including aircraft an-124 ("Ruslan"), and three trains".

In Wuhan proposed to open a pavilion of Russian goods

Authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan, whose economy is heavily affected by the epidemic COVID-19, proposed trade representation of Russia to open a permanent pavilion of Russian goods and services, said the Deputy trade representative of Russia in China Alexey Efimov.

Russian trade representative in China Sergei inushin, in turn, explained that interest in China is motivated by the desire of the metropolis as quickly as possible to restore the economy and reputation after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In Shanghai began trials with neutralizing COVID-19 antibodies

The first phase of clinical trials developed by the Chinese specialists drug JS016 with neutralizing COVID-19 antibodies began in Shanghai, said on Monday the newspaper Shanghai Daily.

New drug JS016 developed jointly by a pharmaceutical company Shanghai Junshi Biosciences and Institute of Microbiology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, over the weekend received from the state Department of supervision and control over medicines of China for permission to initiate phase I clinical trials.

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