Latest News - #Shaanxi

In China called the name of national security Advisor

The state Council of the PRC appointed head of the office of the Central government of China in Hong Kong Lo Guanine adviser on the national security Committee to ensure national security.

The Committee was established in accordance with the entered into force on 30 June the law on national security of Hong Kong.

Without a history of 30 years, the man has revealed the secret of his health

A resident of the Chinese province of Shaanxi Chen Hagan, who for 30 years was not colds, shared her secret to good health.

According to the man, it's all about unusual workouts that he performs with the age of twenty. Every day a Chinese man walks, leaning on hands and feet like a monkey. Hagan claims that this exercise allows him to stretch the whole body and gives you energy.

In China per day revealed 67 cases COVID-19

China over the past day showed 49 new cases of coronavirus, also was 18 asymptomatic carriers, recovered one patient, the message of the state Committee on questions of health of China.

States that of the 49 new cases, local 39 (36 in Beijing, three in Hebei province), 10 - the import (four in Sichuan province, one in Shanghai, two in Chongqing, one in Fujian, one in Shaanxi province).