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In Severomorsk has passed military-sea parade in honour of day of the Navy

The naval parade was held in the main base of the Northern fleet in Severomorsk, the press service of the Northern fleet.

"Today the main base of the Northern fleet, Severomorsk hosted the celebrations dedicated to the Day of the Navy. They began with the ceremonial raising of the flags on all ships, submarines and courts provide continued military and naval parade, theatrical performance and military-sports festival in the Kola Bay", - stated in the message.

In the Murmansk region extended isolation for people over 65 years

Power of the Murmansk region took the decision to extend the regime of isolation for residents over 65 years of age, reported oberstab region.

In respect of pensioners decided to extend the period of payment of sick-lists also until 9 August. We are talking about citizens age 65 who are working, not moved to the remote format and are not on vacation.

The flag is raised on the hydrographic ship of the Northern fleet "Nikolay Skosyrev"

The solemn ceremony of raising the flag of the hydrographic service of the Navy of Russia took place on Saturday in Severomorsk on a small hydrographic vessel project 19910 "Nicholas Skosyrev," said the press service of the Northern fleet.

"With the rise of the flag the ship officially became part abnormally-saving group of the Northern fleet. The name "Nicholas Skosyrev" assigned to the ship by order of the chief of the Russian Navy in recognition and memory of the chief of the hydrographic service of the Northern fleet, the participant of the great Patriotic war, rear Admiral skosyreva Nikolai", - stated in the message.

In Murmansk region, told about the condition of patients with COVID-19

The number of patients who carry the coronavirus infection in severe form, growing in the Murmansk region, said Oberstar region with reference to the Minister of health of region of Dmitry Panychev.

He also noted that the supply of drugs and means of individual protection in hospitals of the region is sufficient, taking into account screening increases rates of testing.

Arctic expedition to the New Land to repeat the route Rusanova

The Northern fleet in conjunction with the 12th commander of the defense Ministry and the Russian geographical society will be held in August the expedition on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, its members rekonstruiruet route Arctic Explorer Vladimir Rusanov, and perform a number of studies reported the press service of the Northern fleet.

"In the middle of August 2020, the Northern fleet will send another Arctic expedition to the Islands of Novaya Zemlya archipelago. In addition to the Northern fleet in its composition will include representatives of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Russian geographical society, national Park "Russian Arctic" and research institutes. Will head a comprehensive research expedition team of 10-12 soldiers and scientists representative of the 12th Central Board captain 2 rank Sergei Zinchenko," - said in the message.

In the Murmansk region flooded part of the cemetery in Kirovsk

The office of public Prosecutor of Kirovsk in the Murmansk region conducted a review of media reports and revealed that part of the city cemetery was flooded with melt water, the water from the cemetery is not given properly, reported the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier some media reported that in Kirovsk melt water flooded the city cemetery. The Prosecutor's office organized a check of these facts.