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Ukrainian border guards have denied entry into the country of the Russian actor

Ukrainian border guards banned for three years entry into the country of the Russian actor (name not mentioned) for a visit to the Crimea, reported the press service of the state border service of Ukraine.

According to the press service, Russian actor arrived in Kiev airport "Borispol" flight from Frankfurt to participate in the filming.

In Sevastopol started epibrassinolide due to imported cases COVID-19

Four new cases of novel coronavirus infection identified in Sevastopol for the last day, all the patients are coming from other regions of the country, is epikaleomai, the press service of the city government.

"Registered four new cases COVID-19. All the sick – people came to Sevastopol from other regions of Russia. Is epikaleomai. Another man was discharged after recovery", - stated in the message.

In Moscow revealed 679 new cases of infection with coronavirus

The highest number of new cases COVID-19 fixed in Moscow — 679, Saint Petersburg, 293, Sverdlovsk region — 286, told reporters in the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection.

"The distribution of the subjects: 1. Moscow - 679, 2. Saint Petersburg - 293, 3. Sverdlovsk oblast - 286", - stated in the message.

For participation in elections of the Governor of Sevastopol with eight candidates

The electoral Commission of Sevastopol has completed the reception of documents from the eight candidates for Governor of the region, the elections which will be held in September, reported the press service of the city election Commission.

Documents presented to the acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev (nominated by branch of "United Russia" Sevastopol), the Vice-speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Ilya Zhuravlev (nominated by LDPR), Alexander Romanovich (from "Fair Russia"), Roman Kiyashko (the Communist party), Ivan Solovyov (from the party "People against corruption"), Ivan Yermakov (from party "Patriots of Russia"), Anastasia Romanenko (Democratic party of Russia) and Yaroslav Yakovenko (Party of Progress), reported by the electoral Commission.

In AgoraVox has ridiculed the statement of Kiev about the "invasion" of Russia

The author of the article for the French edition AgoraVox Kristel Neaño in the material ridiculed the statement of the Ukrainian side about the Russian "invasion".

She reminded that earlier the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar stated that Russia could attack Ukraine during the exercises "Caucasus — 2020", and the commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp did not rule out that "the Russian Empire" attempts to strike at the Kherson area to restore water supply to Crimea through the North channel. According to the author, this scenario looks even "more crazy" than the mentioned "causes" of the attack.

The EU has called the arrest of Islamists in the Crimea politically motivated

The European Union considers the detention in the Crimea, seven suspects of involvement in the terrorist organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami"* politically motivated and expect their immediate release, said in a statement released by the press service of the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

FSB of Russia on Tuesday detained in the Crimea, seven Islamic terrorist organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami"* for propaganda and recruitment, including three leaders and four privates of active participants. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the presence in the region members of the terrorist organization is largely the heritage of Ukrainian period. The court arrested four suspects, a fifth was sent under house arrest.

The military decided to test on itself a vaccine from COVID-19 due to the failure of a comrade

Contract serviceman Ivan said that he had decided to become a volunteer and experience the new vaccine against coronavirus after a friend with whom he stood in the outfit, refused the offer.

The military said that it was an honor to test a vaccine that would later be used by many people.

Called likely response of Russia to strike Ukraine in the Crimea

Military expert Yuri Whips doubted the potential of Ukraine for war with Russia and told what threatens Kiev the attack on the Crimea.

He called the recent statement by the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Alexey Neiipp about preparing for the strike on the Peninsula "political bravado". According to the expert, in case of attack APU in the Crimea the Russian army will answer a blow not only to those who will storm the Peninsula, but also on the bases and headquarters of the enemy.

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy promised to return the fleet to Sevastopol

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp in interview to the newspaper "Duma" called Sevastopol, the main base of the Navy of the country and promised to return.

He added that he served in Sevastopol all his life, and promised to be there. According to the military, many Ukrainian officers have housing in Crimea.

In the state Duma responded to the criticism of the EU of voting on amendments in the Crimea

State Duma Deputy Ruslan Balbec responded to the criticism by the EU of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia in the Crimea, noting that this is a personal matter of Russian citizens.

Voting on amendments to the basic law was held from 25 June to 1 July. After processing 100% of protocols, the total turnout of voters amounted to 67,97%. For acceptance of amendments have voted 77,92% (almost 58 million Russians), against of 21.27% (about 16 million). The European Union condemned the vote in the Crimea and participation of the residents.

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