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The lawyer's chances of Ephraim to escape punishment because of illness

Lawyer Alexander Pachev said in an interview with "Evening Moscow" that the state of health of the actor of Michael Efremova may affect the execution of the sentence.

Ephraim became ill on the way to the Presnensky court. The building actually brought, and within five minutes the ambulance arrived. The bailiffs carried him to a stretcher. According to the lawyer of the actor Elman Pashayev, doctors suspected he had a pre-stroke or pre-stroke conditions. The court hearing was postponed to Wednesday, August 12.

Dobrovinsky appreciated the statement of Ephraim about the "split personality"

Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky said the words of actor Michael Ephraim that he "barely" knows itself, the footage, shot after the fatal accident in Central Moscow. The corresponding video published by the TV channel REN TV.

Earlier Yefremov during the study in court evidence for the case of an accident, said that "hardly" finds himself on the frame after the accident, mentioning the character from the novel "Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".

Honorary lawyer named Ephraim "victim" Pashayeva

Honorary lawyer of Russia Alexander Ostrovsky commented on the air of NSN strategy for the protection of Mikhail Yefremov in court, calling the actor a victim of his lawyer Elman Pashayev.

"This only worsens the attitude of the court to Ephraim, because he denies the obvious. If he pleaded guilty, it would be one of the mitigating circumstances for probation or receive as punishment the colony," - said Ostrovsky.

"Who are you?": The vine of Ephraim criticized for refusing to admit guilt in an accident

Musician Yuri Loza commented on the radio station "Moscow speaking" the failure of the actor Mikhail Yefremov in court to plead guilty in the case of a fatal accident in Central Moscow.

"I think he spoils the attitude. If there was some sympathy, it will be gone after these statements. If someone had tried to protect, I think, after this announcement, people have completely lost even the remnants of a good relationship. They say one thing and then another. Who are you?" asked Vine.

The lawyer suggested how can you justify Ephraim

Actor Mikhail Yefremov may justify at least in two cases. This opinion in an interview with TV channel "360" shared the lawyer Boris Lokshin.

According to him, in order to translate these scenarios into reality will require "good skills".

Dobrovinsky has forecast the verdict of Ephraim

The lawyer of the victims in the case of a drunken accident involving Mikhail Efremov Alexander Dobrovinsky gave a forecast for the verdict, waiting for the actor. The opinion he voiced on air of TV channel "Russia 1".

All the evidence suggests that the actor was driving the car at the time of the accident, said Dobrovinsky.

Ephraim lawyer will raise in court the question of whether the actor behind the wheel

. Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev hinted that the actor was driving his car during an accident on the Garden ring.

In comments to RT, he said that he intends to raise the issue in court.

"Can't relax": the lawyer told about the state of Ephraim

Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev told RBC on the state of the actor, who is under house arrest in the case of a fatal accident in Central Moscow.

According to the lawyer, the actor is in a depressed state. "It is not up to the news, he can not relax after the accident, still very upset," said Pashayev.

The lawyer explained the "appearance" of 40 million rubles in the case of an accident with Ephraim

The lawyer of the family of the deceased in an accident with Mikhail Efremov Alexander Dobrovinsky in an interview with the portal "TV" called fiction allegations that the relatives of Sergey Zakharov demanded from the actor compensation of 40 million rubles.

According to him, they were investigating the case, which they passed last week. He stressed that no amounts did not agree.

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