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Magadan oblast moved to the second stage of removing quarantine restrictions

The authorities of the Magadan region signed a decree on the transfer region on the second stage of removing quarantine restrictions, work is permitted cafes, restaurants, gyms, museums and libraries, told RIA Novosti the Governor Sergey Nosov.

According to the latest data, in the Magadan region 610 cases COVID-19, 3 died, recovered 271 people. Recently the main increase cases give shift workers arriving for the Kolyma gold mining, fishing season and construction.

On Kolyma have extended the high alert because of COVID-19

The Governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov on Monday signed a decree on the extension of high alert in the region until June 23, according to the government of the Kolyma river.

According to the latest data, COVID-19 in the Magadan region were infected 349 people, three died, 211 were cured. Quarantined closed the orphanage in Magadan, where the coronavirus has infected 11 people. Closed surgical Department of the Magadan regional hospital, where COVID-19 sick nurse. Almost daily COVID-19 are diagnosed with shift workers, who are now actively call on the fishing season, gold production and construction projects in the region.