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The researchers assessed the possibility of treatment COVID-19 radiation

Russian scientists commented in the interview with "Izvestiya" the possibility of treatment COVID-19 with radiation therapy, expressing doubts about the safety of this method.

The possibility of treatment of coronavirus infection in a similar way previously made by scientists from the US and Canada. So, according to experts from the canadian Cancer centre Jack ady, low-dose x-rays can help against pneumonia, which is often a consequence of coronavirus infection, the study was published in the journal of the European society for radiotherapy and Oncology 6 April. The research group of the cancer Institute of Emory University (USA) has tested the experimental technique on ten patients with coronavirus and pneumonia, the result of irradiated patients recovered four times faster, with side effects, the authors did not reveal.

Virologist explained, "the early" symptom coronavirus

Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Sergey Netesov in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" commented on the study by Spanish scientists that the doctors found in 29% of patients with COVID-19 strong rash on oral mucosa.

He noted that in the original article says that only some patients have this symptom. A virologist has suggested that it is not the most COVID-19, and mixed infections, such as enterovirus, which causes a rash in the mouth. The virologist also said that measles and rubella also cause rashes. In addition, there are infections such as parvovirus B19, herpesviruses 6 and 7 — they can also be infected by airborne droplets.