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Gas imports to Ukraine from the European Union surpassed the record of 2014

Gas imports to Ukraine from the EU has reached 70 million cubic meters per day, this is a record figure in 2014, when the country is still imported gas from Russia, said Saturday the head of the LLC "Operator GTS of Ukraine" Sergey Makogon.

"Gas imports from the EU reached 70 million cubic meters a day. This is a record since 2014, when there were import from Russia," - he wrote in Facebook.

Ukraine and Poland launch a virtual connection of its gas systems

Ukraine and Poland on Wednesday launch a new virtual connection of its gas system, which will replace the two existing interconnection – "Drozdovychi" and "Guarded". This will simplify the import of gas to Ukraine from the Polish direction.

Earlier, the head of the "Operator GTS of Ukraine" Sergey Makogon reported that gas supplies from Poland to Ukraine via the "virtual reverse" began in January. Later a "virtual reversal" of gas was launched from Slovakia and Hungary. According to him, Ukraine prior to the expiration of the previous contract with Russia for gas transit could not use the "virtual reverse" and was forced to physically take out all volumes of gas to Poland through the "Drozdovychi" and to deliver the desired volume back through the "Guarded".

In the state Duma has considered the request to dismantle the pipes for transit through Ukraine

The Ukrainian side could take for the dismantling of transit pipelines the repair or replacement of pipes, said state Duma Deputy Vladimir Gutenev in the comments of the RNS.

Earlier, the head of the operator GTS of Ukraine Sergey Makogon has informed that "Gazprom" has started work on dismantling the transit pipeline.

In Ukraine announced the dismantling of the Gazprom pipes for transit

"Gazprom" began the dismantling of pipes for gas transit through Ukraine, said the head of the operator GTS Sergey Makogon in an interview with OilPoint.

According to him, the transit will soon disappear as a revenue source for the Ukrainian budget.