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Ministry of health: cancer patients receiving chemotherapy easier to tolerate COVID-19

Patients with weakened immune systems who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer treatment, as a rule, easier to carry coronavirus infection, said chief freelance pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia Sergey Avdeev.

"We have seen patients with very weakened immune systems who received chemotherapy. We can say that, fortunately for them and for us, they are not patients at risk of adverse prognosis. Is it possible that they have a low immune system – it works for them... such fragile patients the cytokine storm essentially impossible, so they are generally more easy to carry this disease called COVID-19" - said Avdeev at a press conference.

The expert told how to avoid new infections after the removal of measures COVID

The apparent decline in the number of new cases COVID-19 is marked now in Russia, the removal of restrictions increases the number of contacts between people, therefore, conscious behavior and safety precautions becomes the contribution of every citizen in the fight against the epidemic, said the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Sergey Avdeev.

"The lifting of the measures of self-isolation is understood by many not quite right. It is possible that the increase in the number of contacts may lead to an increase in the number of new cases and we will see new outbreaks of coronavirus infection. Unfortunately, such a possible Outlook today is undeniable", - quotes Avdeev, the press service of the Ministry of health.