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In Austria re-introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in supermarkets

The Austrian authorities decided to re-introduce the compulsory wearing of masks in supermarkets, banks and post offices to combat the spread of coronavirus, said Tuesday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

He said that in recent weeks the growth in the number of new infections per day is a three digit number, therefore it is necessary to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Austria will limit COVID-19 for arriving from a number of countries

Austria imposes restrictions for the entering of Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria due to deteriorating in these countries the situation of coronavirus, said Wednesday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

The Austrian authorities record growth in the number of patients with coronavirus - in the last days again revealed over a hundred new infected per day, as it was in April, and attributed this development, in particular, with the "importing" the infection from other countries.

The Ambassador of Russia in Austria commented on the situation with the "Northern stream — 2"

The project "Northern stream - 2" remains at the heart of the Russian-Austrian energy dialogue with the political support of both parties, said Tuesday the Ambassador of Russia in Austria Dmitry lubinsky.

"Energy companies "Gazprom" and OMV are cooperating closely for more than 50 years, and the project of the pipeline "Nord stream - 2", in which OMV is active investing, remains in the center of the Russian-Austrian energy dialogue. With the political support of both parties", - said the Ambassador in an online event, organized by the Austrian-Russian friendship society in Vienna.

In Austria will soften restrictions on coronavirus

The authorities of Austria from June 15 to weaken the precautionary measures for combating the spread of the coronavirus, including facilitation of the compulsory wearing of masks, said Friday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

Kurtz noted that the situation with the spread of infection in the Republic is under the control of new infections is very small, so the government decided to begin to relax preventive measures in several areas.

In Austria start to work hotels

A hotel company Austria on Friday, 29 may, will be able to resume work after a temporary closure due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Austria from April 14, beginning to ease the restrictive measures because of coronavirus in increments of two weeks. The next stage - may 29, when the hotels are allowed to open fitness centres and other sports clubs, as well as host events with up to 100 people.