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In Seattle, a vehicle drove into the crowd of protesters, killing a woman

The woman died in hospital from injuries after she was hit by a car during a protest in the U.S. city of Seattle, Washington, one person was seriously injured, reports local newspaper the Seattle Times, citing doctors.

Twenty-four, a resident of Seattle summer Taylor has died at Harborview medical center. Another participant in the demonstrations, the 32-year-old Diaz Love from Portland, Oregon, is in serious condition in the intensive care unit.

The free end of Seattle. Between the Maidan and the "Islamic state"*

So the inevitable happened: undemocratic American police stormed the occupied radicals of downtown Seattle, Washington. "Organized a protest on Capitol hill" (CHOP) existed for a long time, almost a month (from June 8), but nothing lasts forever. It's time to figure out what it was and what happens now.

About "will" — the question is more than difficult. The first nation in the world happened, an event: the occupation anarchists (radicals, "Antifa", call it what you want) six blocks of the center of the 12th by value city in the country. While some (local) government for a long time did not want to do anything, in fact, standing on the side of the invaders, while others (Federal) had nothing to do with the locals. Or, on the contrary, the Republicans did not want to interfere with the Democrats (and Seattle is their) to show the country his face? And the Democrats, in turn, wanted to provoke the feds to violent military action without coordination with local? In General, losing votes in the November presidential election are both parties, the question is, who is more. And we, the outside world was left with mixed feelings to observe the internal collapse of a superpower.

Trump praised the settlement of the situation in Seattle

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed satisfaction with the settlement of the situation in Seattle, where earlier the police dismantled the so-called "Autonomous zone" - a few blocks occupied by protesters.

"I'm glad that in Seattle they (local authorities) solve the problem, because they knew that we (the Federal government) are ready to enter, and they did what was necessary," said trump at the event with the participation of representatives of small and medium business "Spirit of America Showcase".

In Seattle the police eliminated the "Autonomous zone"

The police eliminated the "Autonomous zone" in the city of Seattle in the U.S. state of Washington, according to ABC News.

Earlier it was reported that police have launched crackdown "Autonomous zones" on Wednesday morning, in accordance with the decree of the mayor of the city.

In Seattle, police arrested ten people during the dispersal of the "Autonomous zone"

The staff of Seattle police detained at least 10 people during the dispersal of people from the "Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ), according to Twitter the police.

"Police at the scene continue to instruct people to disperse. Currently made about 10 arrests," - said in a statement to the police.

The police told about the victims in the shooting in Seattle

As a result of shooting of the captured protesters, "an Autonomous zone of Capitol hill" (CHAZ) in Seattle killed 16-year-old, another teenager 14 years injured, according to the city police Department.

The statement recalled that the shooting occurred in the early morning local time on the intersection of 12 Avenue and Pike Street. Presumably, the two Teens were in the SUV. Both were taken to the hospital, and one on the private car. Indicated that the investigators examined the jeep, but came to the conclusion that there is "trodden" that is likely to impede the investigation of the crime.

In the United States began test flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

The Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) and the Boeing company began Monday test flight of the 737 MAX, they will last for three days, the statement said controller, received by RIA Novosti.

"The FAA and Boeing are conducting a series of certification flights this week to assess Boeing proposed changes to the system of automatic control of flight for the 737 MAX. The aircraft took off from Boeing airfield in Seattle today at 9.55 Pacific time (19.55 GMT) for the first round of tests. As expected, the flight will last several hours. We expect that the certification flights will last about three days", - stated in the message.

In Seattle, many protesters left the "Autonomous zone"

Many protesters left the "Autonomous zone" of Seattle, Washington, reports CNN, citing a statement by one of the leaders of the protest, rapper Times Simon.

He had previously told RIA Novosti that the protesters intend to resume meetings with representatives of local authorities in the near future.

The protesters in Seattle will resume meetings with the local authorities

The participants of the protests against racism in the U.S. Seattle will soon resume meetings with representatives of local authorities, told RIA Novosti the protest leader David Lewis.

The protesters demanded a meeting with mayor Jenny Durkan on a weekly basis, said Lewis. During these meetings, the demonstrators can voice their demands and negotiate about the real deadlines for their implementation, he said.

The leader of the protesters in Seattle are not aware of the presence among them of members of the "antifa"

The leader of the protesters in Seattle who seized several districts of the city, David Lewis, said to RIA Novosti that I'm not sure if any of the demonstrators in the city representatives of the movement "antifa".

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that the US authorities will make the list of banned terrorist organizations of the radical left movement "antifa". U.S. attorney General William Barr noted that the actions of the members of this movement are regarded as terrorism.

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