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In the UK, the owners found the missing cat after 12 years

The family of Davis of the County of greater Manchester found his missing cat 12 years later, reports The Guardian.

A cat named Georgie went missing in one of the holidays that the family decided to spend on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland in 2008. The cat ran away and never came back. And only now, blagodarya microchip, the owners received a notification that it found.

Matvienko praised the prosecution of Britain in the "Russian intervention"

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko called an attempt to "demonize" Russia charges Britain in the "intervention" of Moscow in the internal Affairs of this country.

"Of course, this is another attempt to demonize Russia. While Brexit are not affected, and is not credited us back, and remembered about the referendum in 2014. That is the British understand each other, and still blame Russia - actually, it's undignified for a country", - Matvienko said during a press conference on Thursday.

British media said, as the submarine was almost rammed by a ferry

The British newspaper Daily Mail citing a report of the division for investigation of marine accidents said that November 6, 2018 off the coast of Scotland just missed a ferry and a submarine.

The results of the investigation published today.

British fighter jets escorted Russian planes

British Typhoon fighter jets took to the air from the air base in Lossiemouth in Scotland, to accompany the "far Russian aircraft", according to the air force of the Kingdom.

It is noted that the aircraft did not go to the flight information UK to the North coast of Scotland, "the interception was not required".

Police reported six wounded in the incident in Glasgow

When the incident in Glasgow injured six people, including one policeman, said the Deputy head of police Scotland Steve Johnson.

Previously one of the streets in downtown were blocked by police, witnesses have circulated in social networks a video in which several armed police officers run into one of the buildings, presumably accommodation. It was reported that unknown persons attacked with a knife on residents. Media, citing its own sources reported three dead, several injured, and the traces of blood on the street. The police were asked to refrain from speculation about the incident and promised to disclose all available information.

The head of Scotland urged residents of Glasgow to follow the instructions of the police

Scotland's first Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged residents of the city of Glasgow to follow the instructions of the police in connection with the incident, injuring several people, including a police officer.

"Please follow the guidelines to avoid district street West George Street in Glasgow, while the police Scotland will deal with this incident," wrote the Minister on Twitter.

Police shot and killed attacked people with a knife in Glasgow

Police Scotland confirmed that the suspect shot and killed, attacked with a knife at people in the centre of Glasgow, he acted alone.

Previously one of the streets in downtown were blocked by police, witnesses have circulated in social networks a video where a few armed police

In Scotland, wild boar stopped the railway communication

In Scotland, wild boar stopped the movement of trains, reports UPI.

Employees of the railway company reported in social networks that on the line between Glasgow and located 23 kilometers South of the town of Larkhall animal went out on the track. The train was stopped near the village of Wishaw.