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Scientists have learned about the threat of a malfunction of the immune system in people with coronavirus

Ill COVID-19 may have problems with immunity, is reported in the Preprint of the research scientists from the Institute of Virology of Wuhan on the portal medrxiv.

Lymphopenia, that is, temporary or persistent decrease of lymphocytes in the blood, is a typical symptom in patients with COVID-19.

The coronavirus can begin to permanently settle in the body, said the scientist

The coronavirus can start to live permanently in the human body, such as herpes virus, said academician of RAS, honored scientist of Russia, Professor of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Sergey Kolesnikov in an interview with "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

However, while there is no information that would indicate such a scenario with the agent COVID-19 the scientist explained.

The main way to achieve longevity

Scientists from Cambridge and Edinburgh University found that physical activity reduces the risk of premature death.

In a study published in the Lancet Global Health, the authors tracked the state of the inhabitants of the 168 countries that adhered to the who recommendations for physical activity. On average, about 150 minutes a week was paid to aerobic exercise training of moderate intensity, in which the muscles derive their energy from oxygen.

Chinese scientists have discovered how the fashion industry responds to a moist environment

Coronavirus COVID-19 may hide in shady moist environment, and over time re-infect people, said the head of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Gao Fu.

"The virus is hiding in the shady, humid and relatively polluted environment that we can not imagine, after some time he suddenly appears and infects a large number of people," said Gao Fu on the Central television of China.

Coronavirus can become even more contagious, said virologist

Coronavirus will become even more contagious than, said the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein in an interview with NSN.

According to him, the probability of a second wave COVID-19 in Russia 100 per cent, because the coronavirus "is generally not going anywhere".

Learned how to be stored the genetic data of Russians

Genetic data Russians will be stored in "anonymised", said the President of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk in an interview with "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

"All human genomes in a single database will be depersonalized, the people in it are in some sense "impersonal," said Kovalchuk.

USA tried to follow the dip of the "Vityaz" in the Mariana trench

American cruiser and reconnaissance aircraft tried to follow the dip of Russian unmanned "Vityaz" in the Mariana trench, told the TV channel "Star" representatives of the Central design Bureau for marine engineering "Rubin" and the Foundation for advanced studies.

As said the chief specialist of the Bureau of the novel Sokolov, the ship appeared some time after the machine is started to deploy in position. In turn, the project Manager of "Vityaz-D" Sergei Lapsary said that the aircraft Poseidon twice a day flew the tug "Fotiy Krylov" from which the drone descended into the cavity.

The scientist explained how when vaccine COVID-19 will take into account the mutation

Scientists can account for the mechanism of mutations COVID-19, in particular, threatens the emergence of more aggressive forms, creating a vaccine, said academician of RAS, Director of the Center for immunology and molecular Biomedicine, Moscow state University Professor Mikhail Paltsev in an interview with "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

According to him, recent research on COVID-19 indicate that the mutation occurs in a protein receptor of the virus, not its RNA. This is a common phenomenon, said the academician, and may also be considered when creating a vaccine.

Rogozin spoke about the ridicule from the US after the launch of the Crew Dragon

After the successful launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon "Roscosmos" heard in the address only of ridicule, wrote the head of the state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin in a column for Forbes.

"When our partners managed to conduct a successful test, nothing but jokes and ridicule in our address, we have not heard, although it would be appropriate to thank our "Union", Soviet Russian developers and engineers who in recent years has continued to upgrade this the world's most trusted manned ship," he said.

Golikov joined the Supervisory Board of "Kurchatov Institute"

Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova and the head of Bank VTB Andrey Kostin joined the Supervisory Board of the National research centre "Kurchatov Institute", Russian presidential decree about this was published on Friday on the official portal of legal acts.

The same decree from the Supervisory Council of the Kurchatov Institute removed former Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov and worked previously as the Director of the Department of public service and personnel of the government of the Russian Federation Andrey Soroko.