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In Italy, the cheese makers broke the world record

On the island of Sardinia, made a wheel of cheese weighing 600 pounds – a new world record, according to Ansa.it.

In the commune of Cave in may last year created a wheel of sheep cheese Pecorino. Then, it was kept in special conditions. Then it was examined by the judge of the Guinness Book of records and the verdict.

In Sardinia the legendary bandit disappeared before the verdict of the Supreme court

The legendary Sardinian bandit Graziano Mezin named Gracianette disappeared from her home town of Orgosolo, a few hours before the verdict in his case the Supreme court of cassation of Italy.

Thursday around midnight, reporters learned that the Supreme court of Italy has rejected the petition of lawyers 78-year-old mezinov:. Thus handed down in 2018, the decision of the court of appeal of Cagliari, sentencing him to 30 years in prison for international drug trafficking, entered into force.

In Italy, tourists are kindly requested to fill in the documents about the state of health

In Italy, tourists are asked in advance of the visit, to fill out paperwork on health status and to provide data on place of residence on vacation, according to Travel and Leisure.

From June 2020 visitors from EU countries can freely enter the country without providing the certificate and not passing testing COVID-19.