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In Saransk died of infectious diseases, people infected with coronavirus

Infectious disease physician of the Republican clinical hospital named Katkov in Saransk died of coronavirus pneumonia, according to oberstab of Mordovia.

Earlier it was reported that in Mordovia died six health care workers infected with coronavirus, two nurses, a nurse, physician ambulance station, physician-anesthesiologist and a surgeon and two nurses with suspected coronavirus - the chief of Department ambulance Ruzaevskiy district hospital and nurse in Saransk.

In Mordovia died nurse with suspected COVID-19

Nurse of the day hospital clinics in Saransk died of pneumonia, she suspected coronavirus, according to oberstab Republic.

Earlier it was reported that in Mordovia died six health care workers with a history of coronavirus: two nurses, a nurse, physician ambulance station, physician-anesthesiologist and a surgeon and chief of Department ambulance Ruzaevskiy district hospital, which I suspect COVID-19.

OP Mordovia Republic denied the reports about the ballot stuffing in Saransk

Recent media information about the fact that at a polling station in Saransk was recorded ballot-box stuffing, is not true, the woman dropped into the ballot box two-folded sheet in half – and your sick sister, according to the situation centre of the Public chamber of Mordovia.

Earlier, several media published the story to the local news about the voting on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which was allegedly demonstrated by the time of stuffing multiple ballots at the polling station №568 during the local vote in Saransk.

In Mordovia from COVID-19 died two sisters — seven children left orphans

In hospital of Saransk died sisters from the village of Belozerye. One left two children, one five. While watching an elderly relative. After the death of the women in the village began mass testing for several days doctors bypass the house. The official data yet, but the head of the local administration told RIA Novosti that the symptoms COVID-19 have 40 people, two were taken away in an ambulance.

Guzel died June 16, the day passed away her sister Hamid. According to relatives, the hospital women fell in just a few days before. Guzel has long lived in Moscow, but in the summer together with her husband and children moved to Belozerye.

The interior Ministry said details of the accident in Saransk, where six people were killed

One of those who in the night of the accident with six dead in Saransk car was a taxi, the second vehicle of the Samara region, survivors in the accident there, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Mordovia.

According to the interior Ministry, the message on road accident on Lenin street in the village of Nikolaevka of the city district Saransk with participation of two cars entered 02.06. After the collision the vehicles caught fire. The accident killed six people.

In Mordovia the number of deaths of patients with COVID-19 increased to 21

The woman with the coronavirus has died in Mordovia, where she had obesity and hypertension, according to oberstab Republic.

For the last day in Mordovia revealed 58 cases of coronavirus, 18 of them recorded in Saransk, nine in the Ardatov district, eight in Ruzaevskogo, four – Chamzinsky area. "Still among the many cases of older people over the age of 60 years - 18 people. The older of them is 94 years old, is also sick at the age of 83 and 88 years old. Under 30 years of age - four people, including three children, two aged seven and 10 years old, the youngest is not a year", - stated in the message.

The doctor Mordovian Republican hospital died from bilateral pneumonia

The surgeon of the Republican hospital in Mordovia died from severe bilateral pneumonia, he suspected coronavirus, according to oberstab region.

Earlier it was reported that in Mordovia four health workers with COVID-19 – nurse of the Hematology Department of the Republican clinical hospital №4, the nurse of the Mordovian Republican hospital for infectious diseases, nurse onkodispansere and the doctor of the ambulance station.

In Mordovia, several employees of Oncology center ill COVID-19

Three cases of coronavirus infection and a few cases of viral pneumonia found among medical personnel of the Republican oncologic dispensary in Saransk, according to the Ministry of health of Mordovia.

Chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer patients is ongoing in a day hospital and in the Department of anticancer drug therapy in accordance with all terms of treatment. Consultative clinic and diagnostic service cancer clinic continue to operate normally.