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The expert praised the US decision to close the Consulate General of China in Houston

The US decision to close the Consulate General of China in Houston is part of an offensive against China to create a legal reserve in the future, while Beijing is unlikely will respond harshly to actions of the American side, reading associate Professor of international security faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Alexei Fenenko.

Previously the chief editor of Global Times said in his Twitter that the us government demanded that China in the last three days to close the diplomatic mission in Houston. Later, the Chinese foreign Ministry confirmed this information. The Chinese foreign Ministry added that China urges U.S. to immediately cancel this "wrong decision", describing the steps of the Washington political provocation.

Vice-President Telegram compared Google and Apple with the Golden Horde

. Modern IT-companies are forced to "pay tribute" to Apple and Google, said the Vice-President Ilya perekopsky Telegram. A fragment of his speech published by the Kremlin pool RIA Novosti.

"It turns out that early in Tatarstan was the headquarters of the Golden Horde, and everybody brought tribute to Tatarstan. And now there's a bet somewhere in San Francisco, about a "Golden bridge," and all brought tribute there," he said at a panel discussion with the participation of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina.

In California, impose restrictions on the operation of the restaurants and a movie from COVID

Governor of California Gavin Newsom decided because of the prevalence of coronavirus infection to close the interior of the restaurants, movies, zoos and museums in a number of districts where about 70% of the state's population.

In addition, Newsom recommended that residents of the state to avoid crowds, wear a mask and keep your distance. According to him, on the weekends, when the country will celebrate independence Day, all Parking of vehicles on state beaches in southern part of the state and in the Bay area of San Francisco will be closed.

Compatriots urged to keep a monument to the Russian ruler of Alaska

The coordination Council of Russian compatriots of the USA (CARS) made an online petition against plans to demolish the monument to ruler of the Russian settlements in North America in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries, Alexander Baranov.

As noted in the petition, posted on the website XORS, a group of residents of the city of Sitka (Alaska) has proposed to remove from the center of the city the statue of Alexander Baranov (1747-1819).

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff again found guilty in the United States

Infamous in the US political lobbyist Jack Abramoff previously served 3.5 years in prison on charges of fraud and conspiracy, is again convicted of the same acts, writes the New York Times, citing court documents.

The case of Jack Abramoff in 2006 became one of the largest scandals in the United States of his time. He used his contacts in the White house and Congress for illegal lobbying activities, and in November 2006 he was sentenced to prison.

Of police of San Francisco banned the use of tear gas

The mayor of San Francisco (California) London breed announced the police reform which includes a ban on the use of tear gas and the use of asphyxiating methods of detention.

As reported in the statement of the mayor on the website of the authorities of San Francisco, in the framework of police reform had already introduced "some of the innovations that will reduce the violence of the police." In particular, police are now prohibited from using choke holds during the arrest, opening fire at moving vehicles and the police must now "apply the minimum amount of force".

Uber and Lyft to suspend the provision of services in certain cities in the United States

Services road transport and shipping Uber and Lyft halted in weekend services in some U.S. cities at the request of local authorities against the background of a curfew imposed because of the riots after the death of the African-American George Floyd, the newspaper reports Axios.

"Some cities requested that we have completely suspended work, while others want to ensure the availability of Uber to deliver basic services," the company said. Uber has announced that it has suspended work in Minneapolis, San Francisco and downtown Los Angeles.