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The expert told about the new scheme of fraud in the sale of smartphones

Attackers have found a new way of fraud in the sale of smartphones - they take the devices on lease and resell it, but after some time the device is blocked due to lack of payment, told RIA Novosti Director of marketing of the company's Forward Leasing Vasily Pitelino.

According to him, the swindlers in their schemes use Samsung Upgrade. Through it the user can for a small monthly fee to use the new smartphone, and after 12 months any free to exchange it for a new one, or redeem yourself by making the balance of payments. The subscription process is completely digital and takes place online.

Update broke charging on the flagship Samsung smartphone

The owners of the flagship smartphone series Samsung reported problems with the charging devices, reports Sam Mobile.

Problem faced the owners of some phones Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Ultra. Gadgets are either not charged, or disconnected from charging after some time after connecting. In this case, the problem occurs regardless used whether the user is an official accessory from the manufacturer or third-party charging smartphone device.

Samsung accidentally reveals new flagship smartphone

Samsung posted on the Russian version of the site pictures has not yet announced flagship smartphone Galaxy S series 20, reports The Verge.

Apparently, the image was published by accident. They appeared on the promo page for the Galaxy Note 8 and have been on the site for more than a week before they were removed.

Experts have found a phishing email in accounts, Office 365

Criminals have launched a phishing campaign to collect data in corporate accounts, Microsoft Office 365, to bypass security systems, they used the names of well-known organizations - Oxford University, Adobe and Samsung, the message says Check Point, working in the field of IT security.

According to experts, in the framework of one of the phishing campaigns cybercriminals sent their victims a letter, in which reference to Adobe. "Previously, he (server ed) has been used by Samsung. This allowed hackers to create the appearance of legitimate domain Samsung - this increased the confidence of the victims. Thus, victims were redirected on a page to enter credentials to sign in to Office 365," - said in the message.

The most popular smartphone in the world

In the first quarter of the best-selling smartphone in the world iPhone 11 — how as a General indicator of sales in the segment of premium devices, according to a study of CounterPoint.

It is noted that the most popular model accounted for 30 percent of all sales. In second place was the iPhone Pro Max 11 (nine percent), and closes the top three iPhone 11 Pro (seven percent).

Images from the web "killed" smartphones Samsung

The Twitter user under the pseudonym Ice Universe has posted a picture that could lead to breakage of the Samsung smartphones.

The picture shows the mountains and lake at sunset.