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In Egypt I see no mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Libya

Despite the presence of the foundations for the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Libya, a clear implementation mechanisms not yet, said the foreign Minister of Egypt Sameh shoukry.

Shukri on Monday discussed the Libyan crisis with a colleague from Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Farhan. The Egyptian Minister said at a joint press conference with Osama bin Farhan that during the meeting they discussed issues of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Lavrov discussed the situation in Libya with foreign Minister of Egypt

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed by telephone the situation in Libya with Egyptian counterpart Sameh shoukry.

"The Ministers discussed the situation in the Middle East and North Africa with emphasis on the crisis in Libya. Both sides have confirmed the lack of settlement of the situation in the country through negotiations with the participation of all Libyan parties to implement the decisions of the Berlin conference, adopted a resolution to 2510 of the UN security Council. Highlighted the importance of the "Cairo Declaration" of 6 June

The EU is ready to contribute to the settlement of the crisis over Ethiopian dam

The European Union stands ready to assist African countries in resolving the crisis over under construction on the Nile Ethiopia the Renaissance dam, the commissioning of which can lead to scarcity of water resources in Egypt and Sudan, said on Sunday the EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"I am ready to coordinate with my colleagues in the international community financial support, if the region is able to offer a predictable and coherent approach to the management of the waters of the river," wrote Borrell in his blog on the page of the foreign service of the EU.

Sudan said on lowering the level of the flow of the Blue Nile

The Ministry of irrigation and water resources Sudan is said to reduce the level of the river flow of Blue Nile to 90 million cubic meters a day after the announcement by Ethiopia on the beginning of filling the reservoir of the dam "Renaissance".

The Minister of irrigation of Ethiopia, seleshi Bekele announced Wednesday on the beginning of filling the reservoir of the Renaissance dam, around which conducted the difficult negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. According to the TV station al-Arabiya, with reference to the Minister, the first phase of the storage dam will be filled by 4.9 billion cubic meters.

Is the world ready to fight for the fresh water and electricity

Foreign Minister Sameh shoukry said on the futility of negotiations with Ethiopia and Sudan to the patient for the three countries in question — construction on the Blue Nile dam "Rebirth".

Surprise it was not, as earlier Cairo officially asked the UN security Council with a complaint about "not positive" the position of Ethiopia and the request to intervene in the "stalled" negotiations.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Egypt announced the return of the IG* in Libya

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh Shukri, speaking Wednesday at a meeting of the UN security Council, said the return to Libya of militants* .

"I am very concerned that the militants IG* re-emerged in some cities of Western Libya, especially in Sabratha. I therefore take this opportunity to reiterate that member States of the organization have a responsibility to fight terrorism in Libya," - said the Minister, the words quoted his press service.

Consultations of the foreign Ministers of Russia and "Troika" as to be held in 2021

Following political consultations of Ministers of foreign Affairs of Russia and "Troika" of the African Union (DRC, Egypt, South Africa) will be held in 2021, said in a joint statement following talks of the foreign Ministers of Russia and "Troika" by Sergei Lavrov, Marie Thumbs Sesy, Sameh shoukry and Ice Pandora via videoconference.

Today was the first such consultation to be carried out annually.

Egypt urged the UN security Council to force Ethiopia to temporarily not fill a hydroelectric dam

Egypt urged the UN Security Council to force Ethiopia to abandon the filling of the dam HPP "Revival" to resolve contentious issues, said Monday the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic Sameh shoukry.

On Monday, the UN Security Council held a meeting in videoconference devoted to the construction of Ethiopia's hydroelectric power station "Renaissance". Downstream Egypt is concerned that the filling of the dam " will lead to drought in the country. The initiator of the virtual meeting of the UN security Council was Cairo.

Lavrov and foreign Minister of Egypt discussed the situation with the Ethiopian dam

Foreign Minister Sameh shoukry in a telephone conversation with Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed concern about the situation around the construction of Ethiopia's dam on the Blue Nile river, said the foreign Ministry.

A telephone conversation between the Ministers took place on Sunday at the initiative of the Egyptian party. Egypt on Saturday formally appealed to the UN security Council to intervene in the negotiation of construction on the Blue Nile Ethiopian dam "Rebirth" in order to avoid unilateral steps on the part of Addis Ababa.

Greece and Egypt held talks on the delimitation of the economic zone

Greece and Egypt resumed talks on the delimitation of the exclusive economic zone between the two countries, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias following the visit to Cairo.

Dendias on Thursday visited Egypt, he was received by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. In the course of negotiations with Minister of foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh shoukry discussed bilateral and regional issues, special attention was paid to the demarcation of Maritime zones, the events in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

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