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In Uzbekistan the number of deaths of patients with COVID-19 rose to 38

Another patient with identified coronavirus COVID-19 died in Uzbekistan, the total number of deaths during a pandemic in the country amounted to 38, said Tuesday the press service of the Ministry of health of the Republic.

In Uzbekistan on 15 March revealed the first Republic in the case COVID-19. By Tuesday morning the number of reported cases was 10 459 died 37 patients, 6690 recovered.

Poll: one third of Russian tourists has saved money for holidays abroad

The borders are still closed, but according to a survey of the service on travel planning, 33 percent of respondents set aside money for the future when flights will resume, reports OneTwoTrip.

The company's experts conducted research in social media, it was attended by 1706 people. They told, are there to travel abroad and how.