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In London noted the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus

The number of new detected cases of infection with coronavirus began to rise again in most London areas, according to the office for the protection of public health England.

According to statistics, the rate of the weekly increase in the number of cases (weekly until 19 July) increased by 18 London boroughs, fell in 14. The highest rate was recorded in Hackney and the city - 16.3 cases per 100 thousand people, while last week the figure was 5.2 cases.

Media: the British advocated the reduction of salaries of Johnson because COVID-19

Three-quarters of Britons believe that after the mayor of London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other Ministers of the country should cut his own salary in solidarity with millions of workers affected by the measures imposed in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, according to a study commissioned by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Respondents were asked to answer the question whether policies should reduce salaries by 10%. According to the study, 75% otpisanih answered this question in the affirmative, 13 percent felt that it was optional, and 11% were undecided.

The mayor of London has reduced his salary by 10%

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has reduced his salary by 10%, and suspended the increase of salaries to the employees of the municipality, managerial positions, to reduce expenses of the city budget on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, the TV channel ITV.

The salary of the mayor of London is 152,734 thousands of pounds a year. Thus, in 2020, the Khan would wipe 15.3 thousand pounds.

The expert explained the senselessness of the demolition of the monument for anti-racism

Campaign against monuments in the UK – very unusual for this country, a phenomenon, moreover, that modern English – "racially colorblind", said in an interview with RIA Novosti British professional tourist guide Jerry Miller.

British activists on the backdrop of the anti-racism campaign that started after the death at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd, had prepared a list of monuments to be demolished, and institutions and streets in need, from their point of view, in renaming. During the recent protests hooligans caused racist inscriptions on a monument to Winston Churchill in London, and in Bristol piled with pedestal and threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston.

Johnson believes the demolition of monuments of attempt to commit past the censorship

The demolition of historical monuments is an attempt to lie about the history of the country, people can't censor the past, Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

On Friday the city of London due to fears of vandalism has closed the plywood boards monuments to Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and the memorial Cenotaph in honor of those killed in the First world war. During the action in memory of the deceased American George Floyd in Bristol vandals threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston, who in the seventeenth century, engaged in the slave trade. In London, the hooligans struck racist inscriptions on a monument to Churchill and tried to damage the Cenotaph.

Reset by vandals in Bristol statue of the slave trader pulled out of the water

Reset by vandals monument to the merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston, who in the seventeenth century, engaged in the slave trade, on Thursday morning, lifted from the bottom of Bristol Bay in the UK, according to the city Council.

The mayor of Bristol, Marvin Reese was ordered to raise a monument and install it in one of the city's museums.