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The Lebanese court seized the property of the head of the Central Bank

The court in Lebanon on Monday ordered the arrest the property of the head of the Central Bank Riyad Salem at the request of the group of lawyers, according to the Lebanese TV channel LBC.

Clarifies that the chief Executive of Beirut, judge Faisal Makki has issued a court order for arrest of property of the head of the Central Bank, including his home in Rabia, North of Beirut, his car and Bank accounts in Lebanon.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon has accused politicians in attempts to discredit the government

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab accused of a number of Lebanese politicians in an attempt to prevent international financial assistance for the country, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis, in order to show the incapacity of the government.

"The challenges facing our country increased, accumulate complexity, and the complicated political stability against the distortion of reality... But unfortunately, some went very far, preventing any aid to Lebanon, what are they doing...? We have reports about plans to prevent the government from within the framework, and we are under pressure from different directions under the pretext that we are incapable" - quoted premiere TV channel LBC.

In Lebanon are investigating the explosion on the route of the motorcade of ex-Premier

Lebanese security services are investigating the cause of the explosion, which happened near the motorcade of Lebanese ex-Premier Saad Hariri during his visit to the Eastern Bekaa valley, on June 17, said the press office of Hariri on the social network Twitter.

Earlier, the Arabic television channel "al-Hadas" reported that the explosion occurred near Hariri's convoy of 30 vehicles, when he was returning to Beirut from the Eastern Bekaa after a meeting with living there, prominent Sunni religious leader Sheikh Khalil al-Mays. According to TV channel, on the route of the motorcade was blown up by a missile, and intelligence agencies are now trying to determine where she was running.

In Lebanon detained over 35 participants of pogroms and collisions

Military security forces arrested 36 rioters and clashes with the army and the police, the press service of the Ministry of defence of Lebanon.

On Monday, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Hassan Diyab stated the need to identify and arrest all the masterminds and perpetrators of the pogroms and clashes with police. The Prime Minister said that certain forces within the country and abroad are trying to destabilize the situation in Lebanon and endangering civil society, and private and public property.

Lebanese Prime Minister assessed the situation in the country

Lebanon stopped trying to incite conflict on religious grounds, plans to plunge the country into civil strife still valid, said Prime Minister Hassan Diyab.

In the heart of Beirut June 6, held mass demonstration against the economic policies of the state and the deterioration of living conditions of the population amid soaring prices and the financial crisis. The protest escalated into riots and clashes with police. Later appeared the video, where a group of people shouting insults to the Shiite and Christian faiths, which led to clashes with the use of weapons in different parts of the Lebanese capital. The situation was stabilized after the intervention of the army.

In Beirut, police used tear gas against demonstrators

The demonstrators began to massacre the Parliament building in downtown Beirut, hundreds of people breaking glass Windows and pelted the guards with stones, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

Security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd. To the place of profit additional forces.