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"Get even in space": why is NATO afraid of the Russian system s-500

The destruction of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, the interception of hypersonic vehicles, high noise immunity and mobility — the Russian army in the coming years will be promising air defense system s-500 "Prometheus". According to experts, similar weapons with similar characteristics will not be able to create in any country of the world for at least another ten years. Strong "Prometheus" — in the material RIA Novosti.

The first system to intercept long-range s-500 "Prometheus" will go to the troops in 2021-m Now continues testing at the sites of the Ministry of defense. Test firings confirmed all declared characteristics. According to representatives of the military authorities and the industry, C-500 ready for serial production. Will soon begin trial operation, and the mass shipments scheduled for 2025.

Russia will be able to intercept "super-duper" US missiles, says expert

Russia will be able to intercept hypersonic missiles, when they will be adopted into service by the us army, told RIA Novosti on Friday, chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed that during the speed test of the new hypersonic missiles, which the President Donald trump called "super-duper", exceeded the speed of sound in 17 times.

"Terrifying": the media talked about a new era after the appearance of the s-500

Egyptian Sasapost spoke about the new era of the rule of Russia in the arms market with the advent of anti-aircraft missile systems s-500.

As the newspaper notes, the system is capable of hitting ten ballistic missiles at the same time, even if their speed is from 18 to 25 thousand kilometers per hour. Prometheus can also shoot down missiles and aircrafts at the altitude of up to 200 kilometers.

"Can protect from meteorites". Focus told about the Russian "Prometheus"

Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-500 "Prometheus" is ahead of Western counterparts by 15-20 years, writes the German edition of Focus.

"The stealth aircraft will also become an easy target for the latest complex", — stated in the article.

S-500 will be able to destroy hypersonic weapons in space, said in videoconferencing

S-500 "Prometheus" will have the ability to destroy a hypersonic weapon in near-earth space, stated in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the chief commander of VKS Sergey Surovikin.

Earlier that s-500 can intercept target hundreds of kilometers away from Earth, said chief designer of concern-the developer of "Almaz-Antey" Paul Sozinov, s-500 can intercept target hundreds of kilometers away from Earth.

Experts predicted the emergence controversyover opportunities at the C-400

Contrapresiune opportunities may have improved modification of s-400 "Triumph", according to military experts interviewed by RT.

According to the Director of the Museum of air defence in Balashikha Yuri Knutova, in addition to the s-400 such a possibility is likely to receive s-500 and self-propelled laser system "Peresvet" in a modernized version. With expert opinion agreed and founder of the portal MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev, who added that the modernization kontrobersyal opportunities will have other types of weapons, created based on new physical principles and using directed energy.