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Media: volunteer confessed to the burning of the Cathedral in Nantes

The volunteer, who worked in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes confessed to the arson of the temple, according to the newspaper Ouest France.

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, caught fire on July 18. The fire lasted several hours in the Cathedral, in particular, has completely collapsed great body. The Prosecutor's office suspect arson. On the next arrested 39-year-old volunteer, a native of Rwanda who helped in the temple and the day of the fire had to lock the doors. He was later released without charge.

In exotic countries told when and how to receive tourists

Plan Philippines from August 1 to let the foreigners in possession of a valid long-term visas, but the new documents yet to be collected, according to TourDom.

Guests also will have to advance to find and book a place to pass the quarantine and to arrange a test COVID-19.

The Rwandan authorities told about rules of reception of tourists after the pandemic

Rwandan authorities have described the rules for tourists after the pandemic, according to Travel and Leisure.

One of the most popular tourist destination of the African countries, plans to open the borders for foreign visitors on August 1. Flights from other States was halted in mid-March, when increased the number of cases COVID-19. As a result of coronavirus in the country suffered only two thousand people.

Belgium can officially apologize to the former colonies

Belgium can officially apologize to its former African colonies, this question is studied by a special parliamentary Commission, told RIA Novosti the Belgian academician, Director of the Royal Africa Museum Guido Grissell.

The king of the Belgians Philippe of 30 June for the first time expressed regret over the suffering caused to the people of the Congo in the period when this country was a possession of his ancestor, Leopold II, and then a Belgian colony. However, the official apologies Belgium has not yet been brought.

France approved the transfer to the court of justice accused of genocide in Rwanda

A court in France has approved the transfer of the accused in the genocide in Rwanda businessman Félicien Kabuga to the proceedings before the international residual mechanism for criminal tribunals (MOMUC), informs TV channel France 24.

MOAT - UN, executing, among others, the function of the International Tribunal for Rwanda, whose mandate was completed in 2015.

In Rwanda told about the first patient, who died from coronavirus

The Ministry of health in Rwanda reported the first in the country the deaths from the coronavirus, a new type.

According to a report published by the office on Twitter, the deceased - 65-year-old truck driver who lived in a neighboring country and decided to return to Rwanda, after sick.

Rwanda recorded the first death of a patient with coronavirus

The first death of a patient infected with a new type of coronavirus recorded in Rwanda, the Ministry of health of the country.

According to the Ministry of health, since the beginning of the epidemic in the country has recorded 359 cases of infection with coronavirus.