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Examination confirmed the authenticity of the remains of the Royal Romanov family

Historical and archival examination conducted as part of the investigation of the murder of the Romanov Royal family, confirmed the authenticity of the "Ekaterinburg remains," said RIA Novosti head of the Department auxiliary and special historical disciplines history and archives Institute RSUH, candidate of historical Sciences Yevgeny Pchelov, who participated in the studies.

In July 2018, the representative of the RF IC reported that the complex of molecular-genetic examination confirmed the nationality found in the area Porosenkov log near Ekaterinburg remains of members of the Royal family and their entourage. In addition, experts have established the kinship of Emperor Alexander III, whose remains were exhumed in the Cathedral of St. Petersburg, and the dead man, identified as Nicholas II. Then the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda said that the final conclusions about the authenticity of the "Yekaterinburg remains" the Russian Orthodox Church will be made at the end of historical and archival examination.

The historian told how the Nazis executed and tortured children

The question about the number of children destroyed by the Nazis in the occupied Soviet Union during the great Patriotic war, still remains open, but the study of the regional archives allows you to Refine the figures and to complete the picture of the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis, told RIA Novosti the Dean of the faculty of archives studies of the history and archives Institute of Russian state humanitarian University, member of the working group of the project "Without time limitation" Elena Malysheva.

Monday marks the international day of protection of children.