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Ruselectronics launched the production of "smart" meters

The holding company Ruselectronics GK "rostec" and the industry development Fund has launched Russia's first production of intelligent electricity metering devices on the basis of domestic components and software, the report said holding company.

The device will automatically collect and transmit readings to the operator data. Users through the mobile application will be able to monitor energy use and pay for the services.

Reveals the features of the camera, shot the bottom of the Mariana trench

The Mariana trench took a picture of a unique camera capable of working at depths of up to 12 kilometers, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding "Ruselectronics" (included in rostec).

It noted that CT-1200 provides a color image format 2K with a viewing angle of 65 degrees. "Driven by the hydrostatic pressure 127,7 megapascals camera can be used at depths of up to 12 thousand meters, and is the only Russian camera, capable of operating at pressures greater than 60 megapascals," - said the press service.

Navy has received upgraded vehicles communication

Ruselectronics has put the Russian Navy modernized integrated communication system for surface ships and vessels, said on Thursday the press service of "Rostec", which includes the specified holding.

The system is designed to provide radio communications between surface ships of the Navy of any rank, and coastal sites and a means of communication for surface ships, submarines and aircraft. In addition, the complex provides a collaborative work with internal ship systems.

Create new materials that hide weapons from radar

New special materials that are used in the creation of military equipment to protect it from being detected by enemy radars are created in Russia, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding "Ruselectronics" (included in rostec).

Also, the holding developed protective camouflage screen that allows you to protect military equipment from precision weapons.