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RSM offers to create a platform of remote employment of young

The head of the Russian Union of youth Pavel krasnorutsky has proposed to create in Russia an online platform of remote employment of young people, which will allow to solve the problem of employment of young people, especially after the pandemic coronavirus.

Youth day is celebrated in Russia on June 27.

Putin congratulated the Russian youth Union anniversary

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian Union of youth with the 30th anniversary, noting the active work of the organization on significant projects, the telegram published on the Kremlin website.

Public organization "Russian youth Union" may 31, marks 30 years.

In RSM called for the creation for University graduates temporary jobs

For graduates of Russian universities need to arrange temporary jobs in their professional areas, it will be for them to help in a pandemic, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Russian Union of youth (RUY) Pavel krasnorutskiy.

RSM Sunday marks 30 years since its formation. The anniversary of the youth Union of the Russian Federation will celebrate the online ceremony taking new members into their ranks.