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Scientists have found than today's teenagers differ from the Soviet

Russian scientists conducted a large-scale historical comparison of the psychological characteristics of contemporary adolescents and their peers who were teenagers in 1989. The results of the comparison, according to the authors, will help to better understand the contemporary high school students, and what this generation of teenagers is different from their parents ' generation when they were 15-16 years old. This is stated in the study of the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of education (PI RAO), which is available to RIA Novosti.

Director PI RAO Paul Sergomanov explained that there is no separate theory of "X, Y, Z" generations. This is only part of the General theory of generations, which was created by William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1991 and reflected the history of generations in the United States since 1584. From the standpoint of strict science, this theory is rather a historical essay than a theoretical analysis of the problem of generations.