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The President of Bulgaria called on the government to resign

The President of Bulgaria rumen Radev supported the protesters and said that to solve the crisis held in the Cabinet reshuffle, it is necessary to hold early elections, and the government should resign, the statement said the office of the President.

Earlier it was reported that the people's Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria at its meeting on Friday approved changes in the government, headed by Boyko Borisov.

The President of Bulgaria called on the government to resign

The President of Bulgaria rumen Radev urged the government and the chief Prosecutor to resign for "restarting and modernization" of the country.

In Bulgaria for a week of protests that began on 9 July in Sofia with thousands of actions in support Radeva. Bulgarian media called the protest the arrests of presidential advisers on security on legal issues. Advisors had been detained in cases related to the disclosure of state secrets and abuse of influence for personal gain. Wednesday, 15 July, the Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) submitted to Parliament the question of the censure motion which the opposition accuses of corruption.

In Bulgaria at the protests was detained eighteen people

Eighteen people were arrested, three police officers injured after protests that were held yesterday in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, according to Bulgarian national radio (BNR), citing the interior Ministry.

Yesterday in Sofia in the evening there were two protests with different demands. One - the administration of the President: the head of state's supporters opposed the actions of the Prosecutor and the government, accusing them of tyranny and corruption. Another action took place near the Council of Ministers, it was attended by supporters of the ruling party "Citizens for European development of Bulgaria" (GERB), supported by the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the policy of the Cabinet, and demanding the resignation of the President. During major stake in Sofia clashed.

Prime Minister of Bulgaria, accused the President of being followed by a drone

Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov has accused the country's President rumen Radeva in spying on him with drones, reports the Bulgarian national radio (BNR).

On Wednesday in the Bulgarian social networks there were photos of Borisov, resting in his bedroom.