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In Russia launch a series of pistol cartridges of high-power

Central research Institute of precision engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH, part of rostec) is launching a serial production of the new pistol cartridges of high-power, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Institute.

The first development cartridge of increased penetration, can penetrate the armor of the second class protection, including fabric, at significantly greater range than the analogs. The new warhead also provides a high lethal effect and is one of the most powerful representatives of a calibre of nine millimetres in the world.

In the Sverdlovsk region have found four of the emerald cost of about $40 thousand

Four collectible emerald with a total mass of 4.8 kg was found at the Kirov mine of the state Corporation "rostec" in the Sverdlovsk region is the first mass find stones of this quality for the last 20 years, said Monday the Corporation.

Emeralds were found on the conveyor belt for sorting stones. Currently, the nuggets are assessed by the Gokhran of Russia, their total value, according to the company, can reach 40 thousand dollars.

Russian amphibian aircraft participated in extinguishing the fire in Turkey

Russian amphibian be-200 took part in extinguishing the fire at the fireworks factory in the Turkish province of Sakarya, told RIA Novosti member of the Board of Directors of the company-the operator of the aircraft SMS Savunma Sanayi Fizuli Mollaev.

As previously reported by RIA Novosti press-service of United aircraft Corporation (UAC, included in "rostec"), two Russian amphibian be-200 arrived in Turkey for assistance in extinguishing forest fires. Planes with Russian crews of four months will be on duty in the area of Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum. As previously reported by RIA Novosti Mollaev, Turkey is considering the purchase of leased Russian fire-fighting aircraft.

Combat helicopter Mi-24 modernized to the level of the new generation

Combat helicopter Mi-24 will be upgraded and its tests will be completed in 2021, told reporters CEO of JSC "Lever" (part of Rostec's KRET) Alexey Panin.

"Now we have officially closed two phase development work: technical design and documentation development. The Mi-24 helicopter is now at the stage of creating a prototype. Currently, as we have planned, will rise into the air very soon, and in the first quarter of next year, we plan to complete factory tests" - said Panin.

The court confirmed the recovery from the "Kalashnikov" 24 million rubles

Ninth arbitration court of appeal upheld the decision of the lower court, which at the suit of the Ministry of defense of Russia sought to the concern "Kalashnikov" about 24 million rubles, while the plaintiff demanded more than $ 168 million.

As follows from the information in the files of arbitration cases, an appeals court on Thursday rejected the complaint of the plaintiff and the defendant adopted in February the arbitration court of Moscow, after which it entered into force.

New military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A protected from missiles

New military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A and the tanker on its base received on-Board defense system that protects from missiles, told reporters the chief designer of JSC "Radiopribor" (included in KRET, a Rostec) Evgeny Glebov.

"Defensive systems are put on the Il-76MD-90A aircraft and tanker Il-78M-90A. On the first sample of the tanker system, which produced the developer, a Il-76MD-90A is released serially, so there we put serial defense," said Glebov, without specifying the name of the complex.

In Russia created samples of the parachute system of the spacecraft "eagle"

Prototypes of the parachute system for the spacecraft "eagle" is created and tested, let me know in an interview RIA Novosti adviser of the General Director of holding "Technoceramica" (included in rostec) Sergey Khursevich.

The development of a new Russian spacecraft "eagle" (formerly known as "Federation") for missions to the moon is from 2009. The first test launch of the unmanned variant was listed in the plans for 2015 and the first manned flight was planned for 2018. But then the plans changed.

KRET did not reveal complaints to the ventilator "Aventa-M"

Complaints to the ventilator "Aventa-M", produced at the Ural instrument plant (included in KRET, a Rostec) during additional testing not identified, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the press service of the concern "Radioelectronic technologies".

They added that the initiative of the Ural instrument-making plant has notified a healthcare.

In Russia, the spetsnaz will get the parachute allowing the parachute 70 meters

Russian special forces units will receive parachute system "Storm" that allows you to parachute from a height of 70-80 meters, the system passes the test, reported in the interview RIA Novosti adviser of the General Director of holding "Technoceramica" (included in rostec) Sergey Khursevich.

According to him, while in the world nobody did. "Her plan is that ideally, they themselves dome open end can be in the aircraft and not over the shoulders of the parachutist. Accordingly, paratroopers in full combat gear with weapons loaded into the helicopter, and if you want to parachute, they are fastened to these systems within the Board, and if possible the tactics of landing planting method, the servicemen do not need to bother with the parachutes, they're just not connect to the system and planted planting method or the rope," explained Khursevich.

Produced near Kaliningrad amber large nugget called Hippocrates

Amber nugget weighing slightly more than one kilogram, produced by the specialists of the Kaliningrad amber plant on the eve of the Day of medical worker, called Hippocrates, said on Saturday the press service of the company.

"Another nugget mined amber in the seaside quarry to the end of the week. The weight of the stone amounted to 1098 grams. It has a heterogeneous, ribbed surface. In honor of the Day of medical worker, which Russia will celebrate on June 21, the nugget was named "Hippocrates" - said at the combine.

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