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Roskoshestvo told about the precautions to be taken while collecting mushrooms

Mushrooms require attention in the collection and careful handling, so it is not recommended to buy them "with hands", said Roskoshestvo.

A universal recommendation is not to take the mushroom that you are not sure, avoid roadsides and surroundings ecologically unfavorable enterprises. Do not pull and crush, just like any protein product, mushrooms spoil quickly, and eat dishes from them should only be healthy people. In addition, due to insufficient amount of enzymes to digest mushrooms they are not recommended for children under 14 years, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people.

Roskoshestvo warned about the dangers of listening to music with headphones

Prolonged listening to headphones to loud music may cause hearing problems, said Roskoshestvo.

"Stereo headphones have become part of our life. Variations of this popular product on the market weight, because the headphones need to almost every owner of a smartphone or player. ... And remember: if you every day (for several hours) will listen with headphones to loud (over 80 decibels) music, there is a risk to get "in the country of the deaf" - are the organization words of the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loyev.

Roskoshestvo checked the puree of cauliflower

Roskoshestvo checked the puree of cauliflower, recognizing good quality products, but by identifying three patterns of violations in industrial sterilization and labeling, is spoken in the message of the organization.

Experts checked out mashed cauliflower 15 of the most popular, mostly Russian brands 441 figure 9 - safety indicators, 33 indicators of quality and 399 - pesticides. This vegetable puree is considered the most popular on the market, some parents fear that the product may be of low quality, contain nitrates, pesticides, added salt and starch, said in the organization the choice of the object of inspection.

In Roskoshestvo told what kind of bread molds faster

Experts Roskoshestvo told what kind of bread is the most susceptible to mold.

"Bread, which is sold sliced and Packed, it is more susceptible to molding because when cutting bread increases the surface area available for mold", — is spoken in the message published on the organization's website.

In Roskoshestvo told how to choose the right ice cream

When buying ice cream Roskoshestvo advises to pay attention to the fact that the packaging was not covered with ice crystals or deformed, said in a statement.

The organization recalled that the ice cream is milk or cream, butter, dry milk, sugar, flavoring ingredients and stabilizers. According to the technical regulations, milk must be more than 40 percent, the rest of the non-dairy part, except for vegetable fats.

Roskoshestvo checked wine drinks

Roskoshestvo checked wine drinks and found a variety of violations.

According to the report, the experts examined the products of 20 brands — 18 Russian and one from Spain and Lithuania. They tested more than 40 indicators.

In Roskoshestvo told which wines are suitable for barbecue

Summer is synonymous with trips to the outdoors, warm evenings, barbecue and wine for a picnic is better to choose according to the situation, but it is better to abandon liqueur wine and to be careful with sparkling, according to the materials of Roskoshestvo.

Liqueur wines to take on nature is not recommended because the hot time of year they are still too heavy: port wines and Cahors, even the collector's, best left to cool fall evenings.

Roskoshestvo checked oatmeal cookies

Roskoshestvo summed up the results of the study oatmeal cookies: all tested products are recognized as safe, in all samples the cookies do have oatmeal. This is stated in the message of the organization.

Experts examined the cookies 18 brands for the price of five of 31 rubles per one hundred grams. The samples were tested for 457 indicators of quality and safety, including 400 varieties of pesticides.

Roskoshestvo recommended to restrict children's access to obscene songs

Roskoshestvo the study of mobile applications music services offers to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with obscene language, is spoken in the message of the organization.

Roskoshestvo tested 21 of the most popular app in the Russian segment of the App Store and Google Play (10 for 11 for iOS and Android). The tests were carried out on 80 criteria, with special attention paid to the visual marking of profanity in the songs and the ability to block such content. "Roskoshestvo offers music services to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with profanity," - said in the message.

Roskoshestvo: the Russians have been careful to check the information about the product

The vast majority - three-quarters of consumers in Russia pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product, as well as data on the packaging, compared with last year, buyers have become more attentive to such information, said Roskoshestvo.

"In 2020, given the pandemic coronavirus infection, the consumer behaviour when buying food has changed. To a greater extent buyers were more likely to pay attention to the date of manufacture of product - 75% (against 65% last year), its composition is 51% (against 39% in the past) and weight - 42% (vs. 34% in the past)," - said in a statement, citing the results of a study of the analytical Agency ROMIR.

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