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Translator Ronald Reagan endorsed the decision of the court on the record interpreter trump

A former translator of U.S. President Ronald Reagan Dimitri Zarechnak stated RIA Novosti that he supports the decision of the American court, which refused to publish the record of an American translator from the meeting of the presidents of Donald trump and Vladimir Putin.

"It is clear that I this decision I fully support, not only and not so much because of its conformity with the law, and for the reasons... (that) if an interpreter you can call the Congress or to disclose his notes of the meeting which the foreign worker will want to meet with the President... And, moreover, why even the President himself or others the U.S. government to use the services of private service providers, if there is a danger that they can be caused by then in Congress? Better in this case to rely on an interpreter the other hand, which cannot be called to testify to our Congress," said the Agency Zarechnak.

Pompeo said that China is repeating the mistakes of the USSR

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed confidence that the US will win in the confrontation with China, because it repeats the mistakes of the USSR.

The Secretary acknowledged that unlike the Soviet Union China is "deeply integrated into the world economy," but noted that "Beijing depends more on us than we from them."

Lavrov: the US cannot confirm the thesis of the inadmissibility of nuclear war

The United States has already two years can not officially confirm that the Russian side put forward the thesis about inadmissibility of nuclear war, Moscow is worried, said Friday the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"We are particularly worried about already the biennial U.S. refusal pereotsenit fundamental principle, the postulate that a nuclear war cannot be won and, therefore, it must never be unleashed," said Lavrov during an online session, "Primako readings."

The US is trying to undermine peace in the South China sea, said Chinese foreign Ministry

The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang, commenting on the recent teachings of U.S. forces in the South China sea, said at a briefing that Washington regularly tries to undermine peace and stability in the region and to drive a wedge in the relations of regional countries.

Earlier, the Pacific command of the U.S. armed forces announced that the US aircraft carriers "Nimitz" and "Ronald Reagan", as well as accompanying ships conducted exercises in the South China sea. Also, the exercise was attended by the strategic bomber Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.

The expert assessed the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 on the scale of the unrest in the United States

Pandemic coronavirus contributed to increased scale of unrest in the U.S. resulting from the death of the African-American George Floyd after the arrest, she worsened the situation of black people in the country, said the Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery Garbuzov.

As the expert noted, in the US, the line of separation along ethnic lines and tensions had always existed, the authorities are trying to extinguish, but from time to time manifested such outbreaks. He stressed that social problems - unemployment, crime, drug addiction, alcoholism is more of a problem the black community in the U.S. than white Americans.